10 Reasons Great Graphic Design Matters to Your Business

10 Reasons Great Graphic Design Matters to Your Business
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No matter what business you are in, you need great graphic design. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. First Impressions Matter…Even Online!

People will judge your webpage from the way it looks. There’s no way around that; and you have all of 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression. With such a narrow window within which to create the right connection with your audience, you need to invest in proper design.

2. Great Graphic Design Tells Your Story

The right logo or graphic or even snapshot can capture the very heart of your company’s story. Humans have been telling stories through visual elements since the first cave paintings, and that is not about to change. You want to tell your company’s story in a way that commands attention and creates a connection? Invest in great graphic design.

3. Clever Design Can Drive Social Engagement

Visually appealing social media posts tend to get higher engagement that most other posts. One of the best ways to stand out as a brand on any social media platform is through thoughtful and clever design. Your brand can also become more recognizable if you adhere to strict brand guidelines when designing your visuals.

4. Stand Out from the Pack

Memorable photos, unique logos, and well-designed web pages can all help you distinguish your business and brand from the pack. But they don’t just happen. They are the product of thoughtful reflection on company values, emphasis on strong brand messaging, as well as input from great graphic designers. On the flip side, poor graphic design could make you stand out for the wrong reasons as many businesses have come to realize after their logos got them attention for all the wrong reasons.

5. Brand Consistency

Great graphic designers will come up with guidelines to guide your imagery at every touch point. This is because they know the importance of consistent imaging and messaging from your brand. The last thing you want to is have a different look for every platform. Some people think this makes their business ‘cool’ but all it does is confuse their audience.

6. Strong Web Design Builds Customer Trust

Badly designed websites are often not read, hardly trusted, and usually go unread, according to a study. When people visit a badly designed website, they usually go no further than the homepage before they decide to leave, never to return. Bad design not only looks bad, it could actually be chasing people away from your business.

7. Great Design Could Make Your Brand Memorable

Great design goes much deeper than having the right logo; it is a lot of things that include the choice of color and even the way the website functions. More than creating the right look, it is about evoking the right feelings as the audience becomes more familiar with your brand. Great design is about consistently creating a great experience that lasts long in the memory of all who come in contact with your business.

8. Great Design Is Visual Communication

The ideas and values that lie at the foundation of your business can sometimes be difficult to effectively express in words. Sometimes you need an image that says it all. Many global brands have relied on iconic images to pass along messages that have become synonymous with their brands, and you can do same for your business.

9. Strong Design Can Create Stronger Connections with the Right Audience

Take note of the difference between the design of notebooks meant for kids and those meant for corporate offices. One comes with bold, playful lines and colors, while the other is bland and usually comes in plain black and white. Switch the two notebooks for both audiences and the notebook will probably not get picked up.

10. Your Brand Can Become Timeless

Who doesn’t want a timeless brand? Who doesn’t want a brand that stays relevant and keeps people interested for years and years? Timelessness does not necessarily mean unchanging. What it entails is embracing change and navigating trends in a way that always leaves your brand relevant and interesting to your audience—and that requires a lot of thoughtful design.

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