10 Website Design Trends We Will See in 2023

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As the year wraps up, the Eternity team is not only reflecting on our past projects, but looking into the future as well. We're always excited to see the new and creative ways designers reimagine websites, so we took a look at some of the trends that will be popular in 2023.

1. Minimalist Designs

Duh! We all saw this one coming! Minimalism has been trending everywhere from home decor to clothing. Why not a website? Viewers are loving the sleek, clean and effortless look of a minimal design. Abstract shapes and a monochromatic color palette give a breath of fresh airy to any tired landing page.

2. Gradients

With increased use in branding, gradients add a sense of depth and vibrancy to an otherwise dull background, creating an interesting contrast that any viewer can appreciate. From subtle ombre transitions to brighter color combinations, gradients are sure to make a statement.

3. Micro-Animations

Small but effective, micro-animations are a subtle way of incorporating an interactive element to your website. Like gradients, there are plenty of ways to use it – from subtle transitions and hover animations to loading indicators. Check out the animation Eternity made for Vermont Surrogacy’s logo!

4. Larger-Than-Life Titles in the Hero Image

Hero images are a classic and timeless way to present your content. For 2023, we expect titles in the hero image will become larger than life – literally! Bigger and bolder font treatment allow for more impactful messages that capture attention from viewers.

5. Faster Content Loading

In an age where everything needs to be fast and instant, website loading times are a key factor. Decreasing your website's bounce rate, the number of visitors who navigate away after viewing one page, is an indirect way to improve SEO.

6. Mobile-Friendly

The world runs on mobile devices, so naturally your website should too! Responsive design has been around for a while now, but mobile-friendly design one step further. Optimizing the layout to look perfect on any device is key to providing an enjoyable and consistent user experience (UX). We've definitely seen more requests for this!

7. Accessibility

Accessibility should be a key factor when designing any website, and 2023 is no exception! Accessibility is more than just making sure the color palette has enough contrast and that fonts are easy to read. It also means creating content that anyone can access with ease and comfort, regardless of ability or background. At Eternity, we're all for ADA standards and accessible websites.

8. Detailed Footers

While the hero image is an important place for first impressions, don't forget about your footer! As website designs evolve to become more minimalistic, footers are slowly becoming a key element. With detailed contact information and comprehensive menus, it's never been easier to get that extra bit of information.

9. Embedded Videos

Videos are a great way to elevate any website. Embedding videos is an effective way to engage viewers and provide them with the content they need in a creative, interactive manner -- all while taking up minimal space! They can lead viewers right to your social media pages such as Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram or TikTok.

10. Stats/Countdowns as Testimonials

In past years, we've seen testimonials are becoming more and more important to build credibility and trust from a genuine source. We're expecting a trend of displaying statistics or countdowns as a way to communicate process and effectiveness. Instead of quotes from past customers, providing live data shows potential clients the impact your website is making in real time.

We hope these trends will give you an idea on what direction to take your website – from mobile-friendly designs, larger-than-life titles, and detailed footers to micro-animations and embedded videos. 2023 is sure to be a great year for website design!

Happy Designing!

The Eternity Team