2022: A Year in Review - What the Eternity Crew Accomplished

2022: A Year in Review - What the Eternity Crew Accomplished

Well, here we are again at the end of another year. It’s hard to believe 2022 is over. Time definitely flew by at warp speed, but the Eternity crew still accomplished a lot. Let’s take a moment to review what happened in 2022.

We continue to succeed with an impeccable team and clients that love and support us. We truly have a great deal to be thankful for.

1. Welcomed New Crew Members!


As our Google Ads management services continued to grow, we saw an immediate need to bring on additional help to manage our load. Jena Durell quickly took on managing Google Ads strategy and ad management for our clients. This allowed us to have a more balanced load for management as well as take on additional clients. Jena has also helped us expand into management of email newsletters for our clients.


There is no denying how crucial it is to have a consistent and effective social media strategy if you want to grow your business. More and more people turn to social media daily to research a potential business. We brought on Maria Black to help our clients with exactly that. She helps strategize, plan, create content, schedule and post that content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok both for Eternity and our clients.


Content Creation and Search Engine Optimization is crucial for a successful website and as such we brought on Holly Buttura to help us continue to grow our Content and SEO services. She actively helps write human and search engine friendly content for our clients websites


With the pattern of growth continuing, we also needed assistance with web design and development to take on additional website projects for our clients. Kalei Winfield was brought on board and worked along with our Senior Design and Developer Rob Liberty to work on some amazing projects. Kalei also has extensive experience with print design and video editing and this has allowed us to take on new projects for clients to help improve their websites and print collateral.


As our digital marketing service inquiries have continued to exponentially grow, we saw a need to bring on a new crew member that could help us with this growth. Sophie Bodnar was brought on as a Digital Marketing Assistant and has proven herself as a "Swiss Army Knife" of all things digital marketing.


With our continued growth of building more websites, we needed to bring on Katie Lararus to help us continue to grow our content writing and SEO services. She began as an intern and now has been promoted to a Content & SEO Strategist to help write human and search engine friendly content for our clients websites.

2. Office Expansion and Renovation

While many businesses decided to close their offices, we made the decision to not only keep our office, but also to expand it. While we all still work remote, we felt that it was important to have a central HQ for possible meetings with clients and get togethers with crew. We double our space, adding room for a conference room, private office space, private kitchen and bathroom and a fancy neon rocket to boot!

3. New Headshots, Who Dis?

It was about time that we all got some professional headshots taken, and thanks to the amazing Kristy Dooley Photography, we were able to capture new headshots and groups shots at our amazing new headquarters in Burlington. Check out our full set of headshots on our Crew page.

4. New Merch

We've always been a fan of branding as much stuff as possible 'cause who doesn't love merch? Thanks to our best friends at CW Creative, we were able to get even more amazing branded merch. Check out our mugs, custom rocket books, playing cards, pillows, fun socks and more!

5. New Business Cards

Because we never like to keep things simple, we would not have our business cards be any other way. We opted for metal business cards for all of the crew. All special thanks again to CW Creative

6. Launched 25 Websites 

We had the pleasure of working with some truly amazing clients in 2022 and we launched 25 new websites. For a team of 11 that is no small feat! While 25 might not seem like a large number to some, it allowed us to have the dedicated and 1:1 attention we strive for with each and every client relationship.

7. Custom Designed New Logos

Our Senior Designer & Developer Rob Liberty had the opportunity of designing several new logos for our clients this year and boy was it fun! Take a look at a few of the logos that we had the privilege of crafting.

8. Client Shout-Outs 

We had the privilege to work with dozens of new clients in 2022, but below are just a few highlights.

9. Carlos celebrated 10 years with Eternity!

Carlos is such an incredibly valued member of our team. He helps us with everything custom database imports, API connections, Google Scripting and anything that may make the average human's head spin. Thank you so much Carlos for all that you add to our team. Here's to another 10!

Thank you, Thank you

Thank you for accompanying us on our journey so far! We are now 23 years in and we plan to stick around for Eternity. We're excited to continue this journey alongside all of you.

In order to make the most of 2023, it's important that you have both a website that generates revenue and a digital marketing strategy in place. If you're having trouble with either of these, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to help!