3 Social Media Accounts We Admire (And Why You Should Too)

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Nailing your social media strategy takes thought, experimentation, and a lot—A LOT—of research. In order to craft the social media feed you want for your business, looking to your peers in the business community can help you get an idea of what works, what content types your audiences may be interested in, what you like and don’t like, and unique content ideas you can try on your own channels.

At the end of the day, research is your best friend when working in social media.

Don’t know where to start in your competitor and peer research? We’ve compiled a list of social media accounts we deeply admire here at Eternity. Each of these accounts are a great example of an aspect of social media you should keep in mind when creating your social calendar. Just take a look at our list to start on your social media journey.

A jar of peanut butter

Green Mountain Peanut Butter

Based in Vermont, Green Mountain Peanut Butter is a fantastic, woman-owned business making some of the best peanut butter this side of the equator. Plus, not only is their peanut butter just that good, their Instagram has been rocking feeds everywhere.

What we admire most about Green Mountain Peanut Butter is the variety of post types they use to talk about their product. Any social media strategy should strive to either entertain, delight, relate to, or educate their audience in order to capture and maintain the attention of their viewers. Green Mountain Peanut Butter achieves all of this by mixing up what they create.

An example of two Green Mountain Peanut Butter posts

On their feed, you can find beautiful shots of their products in Vermont or in the kitchen, breakfast inspiration, behind-the-scenes footage, giveaways, collaborations with other companies, and even fun (and free) recipes using their peanut butter. What they offer in their feed is not only entertainment, but value. If you want to see how creative you can get with your social, look here.

Also, Green Mountain Peanut Butter prioritizes quality photography. There’s a lot to be said for social media that looks good—especially on an aesthetics-oriented platform like Instagram. You’ll look at their feed and realize just how beautiful peanut butter can be.

A very cute cow with a blue sky in the background

World Cow

If you’re looking for an example of a company that knows how to use video in their social media strategy, look no further than World Cow. World Cow is a global brand and art movement spreading the message of kindness and unity through their slogan “we’re all spots on the same cow.” In their social strategy—especially on their TikTok—World Cow stamps their iconic globe cow painting in different locations across the US, highlighting their work and their vast community.


Moretown, Vermont #worldcow #treasurehunt #spreadlove #littlefreelibrary

♬ original sound - World Cow

From location highlights, to process videos, to announcements, their TikTok is a library of effective video content. Their videos are the perfect example of how to pick a controlling theme and vision for your overarching social media narrative—and they’re of course an example of how to make a good social media video. 

With many social media platforms now shifting to support and promote more and more video content, checking out how World Cow builds their video strategy is worth your time.

A basket of yarn

Green Mountain Spinnery

No matter what platform you're on, social media is a space for communities to be, well, social. An effective social media strategy aims to build and maintain a positive and meaningful network.

One way to maintain your social community is through featuring user generated content (UGC), or content that is produced and shared to you by your followers and audience members. Often, social users will take a photo or video of your product or service and tag you in their post, allowing you to repost that content to your own feed (while giving them credit, of course). By reposting content, you are connecting your audience directly to the conversation, and demonstrating to your followers that they are important to you and your business.

A company that is an excellent example of how to incorporate UGC into your social feed is Green Mountain Spinnery. Based in Southern Vermont, Green Mountain Spinnery makes high-quality, natural, regional yarn. On their social media—especially on their Instagram—they will often share clothing items their customers have made using their yarn. Not only will they share the photos, but they will tag the creators, pulling them into the conversation.

An example of two Green Mountain Spinnery posts

Their UGC is seamlessly incorporated into their feed and works to create a people and relationship-oriented voice. If you want to understand more about how you can use and post UGC, study what Green Mountain Spinnery is doing.

Three people holding coffee cups

Bonus: Brave Coffee and Tea

Okay, we’re adding this one in as a bonus because Brave Coffee and Tea’s social media is run by Eternity. BUT, one of the reasons we love creatively collaborating with Brave so much is because their social media strategy incorporates all of what we just spoke about. On their Facebook and Instagram pages, you’ll see:

  • Varied content types such as product shots, location features, jokes, community highlights, coffee hacks, and even recipes
  • Aesthetic photos and original graphics
  • Quick, fun, and made-for-social videos
  • UGC gathered from comments and contests that are then reposted on the feed
Examples of Brave Coffee Co social media posts

If you’re looking for another well-blended social feed that incorporates fun content and ideas, check out Brave while you’re performing your research.

When it comes to learning more about social media, the best place to start is right on your own feed. Just look to your community, learn from their successes, and use what you have learned as a springboard to jump off of into your own creation. We can’t wait to see what you make. 

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