5 Reasons to Invest in a Website Retainer

5 Reasons to Invest in a Website Retainer

The secret sauce to good business is relationships—especially when dealing with service providers.

Whether it’s your cable provider, mechanic, or simply the kid who mows your lawn every weekend, if they do a great job the first time, it makes sense for you to keep going back for their services.

For certain high-level services, such as those provided by your lawyer, therapist or your accountant, you may consider keeping them on a retainer. After all, the work they provide has a direct impact on your personal well-being as well as that of your business.

The same can be said about the services provided by your web developer. The services your web developer provides have a direct impact on your marketing, lead generation, and revenue-generating capacity of your website.

If setting up your website is only the beginning of an on-going process, then surely you want to keep your web developer close at hand for future adjustments.

But that’s just one reason why you should consider keeping your web developer on a monthly retainer. Others include:

1. Good Web Developers are always High in Demand

Web developers who are worthy of the moniker are usually booked solid for months. They usually have less time than you would expect. If your web developer is very good at what they do, it would make lots of sense to have a monthly retainer agreement with them. After the first big job that resulted in your the website being set up, you may not need much of your developer’s time going forward. However, you want to make sure you can lay claim to enough of it to cover your on-going needs.

2. It Ensures Consistency

It’s never a good idea to start a project with one developer, and then have to get the services of another for on-going optimizations. And there will be on-going optimizations since your website is never done and dusted. Keeping your web developer on a retainer will ensure that all the values and goals that inspired the creation of the website are maintained when any future adjustment is needed.

3. Mutual Interest

Keeping your web developer on a retainer makes them as invested in your success as you are. A huge part of running a web development agency is providing value so that they can stay in business for as long as possible. Offering the chance to work on your project long into the future is going to keep them invested in your success.

4. Streamlining the Way to Success

Maintaining a relationship with one web development agency is a sure way to maintain the same initiatives throughout the journey to success. This streamlines the process, reducing the need for recaps and double takes. This is especially important since you will need to keep working on your website as time goes on.

5. A Good Web Developer is Hard Enough to Find

A good web developer is someone whom you trust to do a good job on a consistent basis. These are not easy to find. Also, the chances are high that anybody you find also does good work for other people, and is thus booked solid. Not keeping them on a retainer may mean, in the future,  having to stand in line and waiting for your turn for longer than you wish. 

Eternity has a plethora of custom options available for retainers for our clients and we would welcome the chance to create a solution for you that adds exponential value not only to your website, but to our on-going relationship. Let’s chat today!