5 Ways to Make Your Ad Copy Irresistible

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Ad copy can be one of the most powerful tools that you have in your digital marketing belt — if you know how to write it correctly. Good ad copy engages potential customers and helps them take their next steps; poor ad copy, on the other hand, falls flat and does little to reach people.

Luckily, creating ad copy doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. With a few key concepts, you'll be on your way to reaching more customers.

Crafting effective ad copy can be a great way to give your business the boost it deserves. From landing pages and headlines to Google Ads and social media posts, crafting powerful ad copy pays off. Let's explore five practical tips to create compelling writing.

1. Be Concise

For effective ad copy, write with clarity and make it informative. This can help you communicate key points faster and easier so that people have a better understanding of what your business is offering. You may only have a few seconds to persuade customers before they click away, so write with precision.

Use Specifics

Use sentences that pack a lot of information into a small space. Simple and direct writing is a great strategy to reach prospective customers. Brevity captures the reader's attention, and with the right words, a few simple sentences can be surprisingly enticing.

Be Clear

Get to the point without beating around the bush about what you're offering. Focus on the details that matter most to your target audience for copy that resonates with readers and encourages them to take action. If it’s easy to process, customers are more likely to commit and get excited about your business.

2. Connect With Your Audience

Creative and thoughtful use of words can go a long way to attract the attention of potential customers and create irresistible ad copy. Luckily, there are many ways to accomplish this.

Write Like You Speak

Warm up your copywriting with friendly language that resonates with readers. Write like you're talking to a friend by using a conversational tone and natural language that flows easily, without too much jargon or overused phrases. Writing like you speak allows your message to come across as genuine, which builds rapport with customers.

Speak in terms that are familiar to the customer's everyday life, such as "you" or "your," for example. Your copy should reflect that it’s coming from a real person.

Use Active Voice

Writing in active voice is more engaging and easier to read. It also allows you to speak directly to your reader, giving them a strong sense of connection with the words they are reading. By structuring your sentences around action-oriented verbs and keeping your language upbeat, you'll be putting forth an unforgettable message that people will be eager to act on.

Be Creative

Creative writing encourages readers to see an idea or product from a unique perspective, whether that's through clever descriptions, striking visuals or an ingenious wordplay. As well as using facts and stats, make the effort to have some fun with your writing to draw customers in by thinking outside of the box. Consider using symbolic language and imagery to draw attention to your product or service.

Tell a Story

Stories are one of the most powerful tools for engaging readers and making your ad copy irresistible. After all, stories evoke emotion, which helps people connect with what you’re saying and remember it more easily.

When crafting ad copy, focus on telling a story that is:

  • Relevant to the product or service you're offering.
  • Relatable to your target audience.
  • Inspiring so that your prospective customers feel compelled to act.

When it comes down to it, a well-crafted story will tap into a reader's inner thoughts and feelings and create a connection that stands out from all the other ad copy out there.

Are You Using Questions?

Questions are great tools to help engage your audience when crafting an ad copy. They can be a great way to get your audience intrigued and prompt them to take action. By tapping into the curiosity and imagination of your viewers with creative, catchy questions, you will be sure to make them feel compelled to learn more.

3. Conduct Keyword Research

Making the most out of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with keyword research will create compelling ad copy that leads to better engagement and increased conversions. Knowing the target words that customers are using in their search queries for products and services will ensure that your written content effectively connects with the people you are trying to reach.

By gaining insight into which terms and phrases are trending, you can choose the right keywords to effectively optimize your ads and ensure they're seen by more people. Going beyond popular words, you should also investigate user intent to understand the searcher's end goal. Some common websites you can use for keyword research include Google AnalyticsSEMrush and Ahrefs.

Take the time to plan and do the necessary research to get compelling copy and increased click-through rates. You will also save resources down the line by avoiding unnecessarily testing different versions of ad copy. Successful writing starts with a thorough understanding of how people search online, so don’t skip this important step in creating irresistible advertising.

4. Use Visuals for Compelling Ad Copy

Use images, infographics, and videos to break up your text, add visual interest and make it more memorable. Visuals such as photographs, graphics, illustrations and videos can help you quickly communicate ideas in a manner that’s easy for readers to understand. Additionally, visuals create an emotional connection with readers that text alone cannot achieve.


Images have the ability to grab attention, especially when they are striking and relevant to your copy. Using visually appealing graphics that reflect the message you’re trying to convey will help ensure it resonates. Quality visuals also add credibility and trustworthiness to your ad copy, boosting conversion rates long-term.

For an added bonus, choose images that represent the demographic or audience that you’re targeting. Doing so will make these potential customers even more likely to engage with your product or service by creating a personal connection between them and your marketing efforts.


Infographics are one of the most useful tools for making sure your ad copy is amazing. Not only do infographics make complex information easier to digest, they can also help you deliver your messages with more impact and clarity. Highlights or key points featured in the infographic can help people feel confident about taking action.


Video content has the unique ability to bring your brand message to life and engage customers in ways that text-based content cannot; with visuals, sound and movement, you’re able to deliver an immersive experience.

From filming on your phone to hiring a production crew, there is an option for everyone. Investing in some basic video recording equipment -- or utilizing professional services if you have the budget -- can help you create irresistible ad copy with compelling visuals that draw people in for more.

5. Offer a Clear Call to Action

A direct call to action is essential for making your ad compelling and ensuring that readers know exactly what they can do next. By giving people a simple actionable step, such as clicking on a link or contacting you for more information, they will be more likely to take action and convert.

You should also emphasize the importance of your product or service, outlining any unique benefits that potential customers can expect if they choose to engage with your company. Make sure readers know what is in it for them to ensure they take the desired action. With the right wording, you can drive higher engagements and improved results. 

Write Ad Copy That Entices

If you keep these tips for writing in mind, you'll be on your way to Ad Copy Nirvana in no time. Implementing these ideas into your digital marketing strategy will help to increase click-through rates and conversions. Of course, every business is unique and will require a different approach.

If you want help writing amazing ad copy that sells, our team of experts are ready to partner with you. We'll help you create a campaign that gets results by considering how your customers think. Contact us today to chat about how we can take your ad copy and your business to the next level.