​6 Copywriting Hacks to Boost Website Conversions

​6 Copywriting Hacks to Boost Website Conversions
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It is likely that you have a website not only for altruistic purposes but also to increase profit. Chances are, you want your visitors to take a designated action, whether it is signing up for your mailing list, contacting you for additional information, or simply leaving your website through an advertisement that will generate ad revenue.

In order to generate profit from your website, the quality of your writing must be attractive and enticing. If you want people to do something, you can’t assume they will automatically grasp what you want. Instead, you need to suggest it to them and make it very clear through the language you use on your website.

Unfortunately, this important step is ignored by many marketers. However, focusing on the quality of the content is very crucial. There are many tips and tricks to follow that will help you generate better content and boost more website conversions.

Consider the following copywriting hacks when trying to boost more website conversions:

Headlines Matter

You should think of your website headlines as being the first piece of text a person comes into contact with when visiting your website. Although it might be the intriguing sentence at the top of your conversion page, it might also be the first line on your email list opt-in pop-up or the text that appears in the header image of your landing page.

Today, we are constantly over-stimulated and you only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention. Poorly written headlines will not cut it. No matter where your headline lives on the page, it has to be convincing.

When trying to write a good headline, you should start by searching online for ‘headline swipe files’ where you will find great examples of headline text across different advertising mediums. Study each example, and try to determine what is working and what is not. Do NOT plagiarize, but instead attempt to replicate the same emotional triggers that make the headlines compelling.

Headlines make a great item for your split testing programs. Testing one headline against another is a fantastic way to learn that art of copywriting, while also boosting conversations.

Tell The Story

Tell your story and give your brand a personality that people can relate to. Make your service relatable to your website visitors, and you will notice a huge boost in conversions. Stories work miraculously for conversions. Consumers are quite sophisticated and are immune to sales in which come across as pushy. Stories have the ability to trigger an emotion and thus, drawing your website visitors toward your content on your conversion page.

Focus on One Call-To-Action

Focus on one call-to-action and make it simple for your website visitors. Encouraging your readers to do too many different things at once will kill your conversions. For example, if you ask your readers to purchase a high priced product, but also ask them to bookmark a page, go back and reference one of your other articles, AND think about something entirely unrelated, it is not likely that your website visitor will buy your product.

When writing website content for your website visitor, you are trying to convince them to take a designated action. It is important to decide ahead of time exactly what that specification is and how you are going to get them to follow through.

Start with the first draft of the copy, and focus on your call-to-action. Once you are done with your first draft, be sure to go through your copy and identify any places where you have asked a visitor to take contradictory action. Remove that contradictory action and allow your visitor to focus on your specific call-to-action.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is effective, we have seen it time and time again! However, the worst thing that you can do is create and publish a website copy that states “Hurry and act now - this promotion is good for a limited time only!”

Promoting scarcity or a sense of urgency when there is no need to, will only damage the trust you have built with your visitors.

Alternatively, consider implementing actual scarcity or urgency into your website copy. For example, if you want to run a time-sensitive promotion that gives people a certain number of hours to make a decision, advertise it and turn it off once the designated time is complete.

If, however, you decide to offer a certain number of copies of your product at a discounted price, be sure to switch your copy back to the original price once the set number has sold. This will help you maintain credibility and use the idea of scarcity effectively.

Eliminate Objections

Getting people to do exactly what you want them to do is not easy. People are skeptical, as they should be. Getting them to enter their credit card information, email addresses, or phone numbers is not an easy task.

You can improve your odds and built trust with your website visitors by eliminating objections. For example, you are a business that is considering investing in a high-priced product. You know it would be useful to your business, but it is hard to justify spending that much money.

It is likely that you would be more willing to invest in the product if there was a 60-day money-back guarantee. Perhaps if the website copy contained reassurances that the product would more than double your current earnings, you would not hesitate.

Before you publish your website content, consider this. Read through your copy with a fresh set of eyes. Pretend you are reading your content for the first time, and determine what objections you would have. These don’t necessarily have to be related to price, oftentimes they are objections about whether an item is safe, or whether it will work for them.

When you take the time to identify these objections ahead of time, you can take the steps necessary to eliminate them and, consequently, boost your expected conversion rate.

Fulfill Customer Desires

Understand your customer and their desires in order to properly fulfill them. This will pave the way for more website conversions. This is possible only when you create content that is relatable. Your visitors must be able to find the exact phrases and words that express their desires. If you are able to identify your visitor’s strongest desires, it would get you more website visitors.

It is always a good idea to implement a survey for your consumers and your website visitors. If you aim to encourage your visitors to open up to you, then there is no point in asking closed-structured multiple-choice questions. Instead, the questions have to be open-ended and relate to the product or service that you are trying to sell.

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