6 Quick Wins for a Profitable Google Ads Campaign

6 Quick Wins for a Profitable Google Ads Campaign
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What if your 2021 resolution was to stop wasting your budget on your Google Ads campaigns and start improving the profitability of them?

Our 6 quick wins below are a recipe to do exactly that!

1. Create Intent Based Ad Groups

Google favors specificity within campaigns. The more similar themes keywords you have within Ad Groups, the better the campaign will perform overall. This has been the rationale behind the infamous single keyword ad groups strategy (or SKAGs) that was popular a few years back. However, it was an unmanageable hot mess that lead to constant busy work and potential mistakes. Luckily, Google introduced a few updates that made SKAGs all but irrelevant: match type update, close variants, and more. Basically this means that Google is listening less and less to the type of keyword match type you select and using it's logic to decide if the user had intent for your product or service, even if there search was slightly or very off from what you specified with an exact match or phrase match keyword type. Bottom-line, create your Ad Groups into buckets of themed topics with ads that are written and focussed on those themes. This will result in the very best results.

2. Enable Ad Extensions

With your potential customer pretty much living their lives on their phone, a lot of decisions get made within the fraction of a second on a search engine results page. Any extra piece of information might prove crucial in tipping things in your favor instead of your competitor.

And that’s where the true power of ad extensions shine forth. Ad extensions are easy to set up, and they add more prominence to your ad by making it easier for readers to interact with it and make snappy, informed decisions right there on the results page.

Ad extensions can be as simple as making it possible to click to your website, call your business, or visit your physical store.

3. Add Negative Keywords

During an Adwords campaign you want your ad to show up for certain keywords. But you would also do well to ensure that it doesn’t show up for certain others as well. A negative keyword would be any keyword that you have realized is not profitable for your campaign because it would lead to no benefit if your ad showed up for it. For example, if your business sold exclusively basketball jerseys, you may want to add “basketball shoes” as a negative keyword so your ad doesn’t show up in front of people who are not looking for your product.

Establishing negative keywords can be as simple as going to your Adwords account and adjusting the keywords filters in the “Keywords” section for any specific campaign.

4. Revisit Your Targeting

Beyond the keywords you are bidding on, there are many other ways in which you can refine the audience you are targeting in an Adwords campaign. For example, you could specify a location, a particular time, a device, and so on.

Refining your target is the way to go if you look at your campaign and realize it is stuck in a ditch and going nowhere. In this case, you can refine your audience to increase bids on certain audiences that are already proving profitable over others. The choice of audience can be anything and should receive some careful thought; this could save you a lot of marketing dollars going forward.

5. Set Up Google Alerts

Google Alerts are a great way to ensure that you are on top of any conversation that has to do with your business or your industry in general.

This is often fodder for your content and ads, and can prove surprisingly useful if you set your creative juices loose.

And you can have all these alerts set up with ease. Google Alerts can be set up in a matter of minutes. Simply go to the Google Alerts page and log into your Google account. Type in the keywords you want to be notified for, and that is that.

6. Implement Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to target specific audiences based on their behavior in the past. Past behavior could include them visiting your website or abandoning a cart on your website, among others. By targeting these specific groups of highly interested individuals you can see your campaign conversions go skywards even as your costs go downwards.

And the best thing is that you can use these customized audiences for advertising across the board: search YouTube, display, and so on, for an increase in efficiency and conversions.


A few tweaks may be all you need to turn a slow campaign into one of the best you ever had, and you can start with any of the above to see what results in improvements.

You can also reach out to a Google Ads expert and throw ideas back and forth on what would make this present campaign your best ever. Reach out to us at Eternity today and tell us how we can be of help.

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