7 Benefits of Google Ads to Grow Your Business

google ads logo demonstrating the benefits of google search ads
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Google Ads fit into an overall digital marketing strategy like hands into a glove. There are very few other search ads platforms that come close, talk less of measuring up, to the efficiency of Google Ads as a strategy for getting leads and boosting sales, simply from search engine results.

And if you're wondering if Google Ads work, the answer is yes, yes they do. But you don’t have to agree just yet. To sway your thinking, here are 7 benefits of Google Ads to grow your brand awareness and business:

1. Leapfrog Everyone Else to the Top of SERPs

Are you looking wistfully at the top of Google search engine results pages for the keywords you are targeting? You can leapfrog them all with Google Ads.

Google Ads and Google shopping ads get top of the page on search results pages, coming even before the topmost organic Google search engine results.

2. Rapid Results

You could spend several months or up to a year trying to fit all the necessary pieces to the SEO puzzle in order to feature at the top of the Google search engine results page, or you could skip all that hard work and go with a Google Ads campaign instead.

SEO is a long-term strategy, and works great when you have the time (read: weeks and months) to build it up to its full potential.

But the Google Ads you set up in the later parts of the morning could be sending you hot leads by early afternoon, and that would be the results of a normal day. Once your parameters are established (keywords, headlines, geo market, bids, and landing page), you can start seeing results from your Google Ads almost immediately.

3. Predictable Results

Unlike most other forms of advertising out there, Google Ads offers a certain level of predictability. This takes away much of the uncertainty and allows you to operate at a level that you know can generate you a profit.

Google Ads make it possible to test out which demographics, keywords, devices, and headlines are most effective. You can bid down on terms and keywords that are not so profitable, and bid up on more profitable ones. You can expand your budget catering to the terms that you have realized are predictable, reliable, and consistent in bringing in a steady flow of quality leads for your business.

4. Easily Scalable

One of the best things about Google Ads is that you can easily scale it to reach more people in your market. In fact, Google Ads campaigns are most useful when your market is large. With billions of Google searches made every single day, businesses like yours have access to a practically unlimited number of leads from search results.

5. High Intent-Keyword Targeting

Google Ads present results based on intent. That means your ads show up before people who are actively interested in exactly what your business has to offer. You can even make your ads more effective by targeting keywords that indicate ready-to-buy intent so that your ad shows up in front of people who are searching with their wallets out.

6. Gmail Ads

With 53% of email users signed up for Gmail, you want to choose this email platform as a location on which to advertise. And you can do that using a Google Ads campaign.

Advertising in Gmail is also cheap to use, owing to the fact that not many advertisers choose to use it.

7. Ease of Remarketing

With pretty much the entire world using one Google product or the other, the possibilities for remarketing are tremendous. There are a plethora of platforms on which your remarketing ads can be shown.


Google Ad campaigns present enough benefits for any business operating online to take it into consideration. But it takes some level of skill to fully leverage the power of this search engine marketing tactic. Eternity has made it a point to help businesses like yours get the most ROI from their websites and marketing, and we would love to hear from you to see how we can be of help.