7 Signs You Need a Marketing Agency

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Who doesn't want to be the best at what they do? Sometimes it can be difficult to admit that you need help. But when it comes to something as important to your business as marketing, you don't want ego's getting in the way of success.

Do you need a marketing agency?

Here are 7 quick indicators to look out for:

Marketing Comes Dead Last On Your To-Do List

If you find that after all is said and done, nobody at your business is talking much about marketing in order to get your product and service to as many people as possible, then you really need a marketing agency. After all, what good would it be to your business is nobody is buying your product?

If you find that marketing is no more than an afterthought for one reason or the other, then it’s time to pass the responsibility over to some proven experts.

There’s Never Enough Budget for Marketing

If you find that resources suddenly get ‘scarce’ whenever marketing is concerned, you may not be prioritizing it enough—or maybe hiring in-house is really beyond your reach. After all, getting internal marketers could quickly cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that doesn’t include the resources for the marketing itself.

A marketing agency, on the other hand, presents a more affordable option that could offer great value for a fraction of the cost of assembling an in-house team.

Your Sales Are Nothing to Write Home About

If you find your sales falling or realize your business is struggling to make sales, you may want to take a step back to take a closer look at your business and the market in general. Either your business is not getting its marketing right or the marketing efforts of your competitors far outweigh yours. After all, the end goal of marketing is the creation of new customers and fans.

You’ve Not Been Seeing Great Results From Marketing Efforts

If you can’t defend your marketing spend with an appropriate ROI then it makes sense to reach out for help from those who have a track record of producing results.

Your failure to market your product does not necessarily mean the product has no potential. On the contrary, it usually means that you’ve failed to communicate that potential properly to those who would benefit from it the most. Marketing agencies usually possess the experience and know-how necessary to tell your business story in a way that delivers adequate ROI.

Your Sales Team Lacks Good Leads

Your sales team depends on your marketing team to bring in the right sort of prospects for them to sell to. Faulty marketing usually translates to struggling sales. They need each other in order to thrive.

So if you find your sales team constantly giving the side eye to the marketing team on account of the quality of leads they are receiving, you may want to review the setup and decide if you want to reach out for outside help from an agency or not.


Outsourcing to an outside agency would make sense if even one of these factors were true for your business. if two or three ring true then you’re already late; reach out to us today so we can talk about how to improve your marketing and generate results.