7 Simple Google Ads Hacks to Generate More Leads

7 Simple Google Ads Hacks to Generate More Leads
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You may be asking yourself, how do I generate more Google Ads leads to my website?

Here are 7 simple Google Ads hacks to help you get ahead of the competition during your next Ads campaign and generate more leads:

1. Siphon Away Your Competitor’s Clients

When people are finally at the end of their buyer’s journey and ready to make a purchase, they usually turn to Google to look up the brands they are familiar with before making a purchase. If you happen to NOT be one of those brands, you can still get a piece of that hot traffic by bidding on the brand names of well-established industry players in your field.

That way, you show up whenever potential customers search for the top competitors and stand a chance to attract some of their hot leads.

Another way to take advantage of this is by bidding on misspelled versions of your competitor’s brand. A significant amount of searchers misspell brand names. By capitalizing on those mistakes you can quickly shoot to the top with relatively low ad spend.

2. Go Beyond Buyer Intent and Target Those Not Ready to Buy Yet

This goes against the conventional understanding of how to use Google Ads. But that is what makes it so brilliant.

Rather than go the conventional route that sees Google Ads as a conversion engine, you can choose to see it as a traffic source. This hack allows you to bid for lower-cost keywords that bring traffic to your site which you can then pass into your marketing funnels to be targeted as you deem necessary.

So long as you have marketing funnels in place, every first visit that does not result in a sale should not be viewed as a loss. You can always sell to these individuals later on in the funnel.

3. Figure Out Negative Keywords that Are Costing You Money

Your ad dollars will go much farther if you ensure that only the right people are clicking on your ads. No matter what product you sell, there are people who are somewhat interested in your field but who do not qualify as target customers. You don’t want these people clicking your ads since you pay for every click and they are not likely to become paying customers.

This would be a great hack to implement if you were a business that, for example, provides software that might be interesting to large businesses but which is actually meant for small businesses. You could prevent the wrong people from clicking on your ad by adding negative keywords that have to do with large businesses.

4. Invest in Organic SEO

Do you know Google searchers click on Google ads only 15% of the time? 85% of the time they go straight to the unpaid organic results. Investing in SEO will help you get more attention from your target audience.

And while SEO is a long term tactic, you can supercharge your efforts by incorporating the most effective keywords from your ad campaigns into your content to make sure your website provides real value to searchers.

5. Go Viral by Creating a Buzz

Sometimes all you need is a little creativity to make your ad go viral. Do the unexpected or take advantage of relevant events around you, to give your ad the spark it needs to go viral across the internet. This can be tough to achieve when you are targeting high-volume, short keywords; so try to target longer-tail keywords with less search volume.

6. Use Google Ads to Get Customer Feedback on New Ideas

Thinking of testing a new product offering? How sticky is your brand messaging? You can test all these by engaging in costly research studies over many months…or you could simply create Google Ads campaigns to see how well they do.

The performance of the Google Ads campaign will provide quick feedback on your new offering or brand messaging before you decide to make a financial commitment or not.

7. Make Use of UTM Tracking

UTM codes are short snippets of text which, once you add to any link, can provide a treasure trove of tracking information in Google Analytics. Not only will you see what clicks you are generating from each campaign, but you will also get additional info like what pages your Google Ads traffic loves most, which campaign sends the traffic that spends the most time on the platform, and so much more. With so many other businesses bidding on the same keywords as you and vying for the same audience, every piece of information counts. 

And there you have it: 7 hacks to generate more leads. Still, think your campaign needs a more experienced eye to find out what needs to improve? Reach out to Eternity today so we can help you.