Avoid These 4 Web Design Mistakes to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Avoid These 4 Web Design Mistakes to Improve Your Conversion Rate
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Worried about your website’s conversion rate? Here are 4 web design mistakes you may need to correct:

1. Navigation that is Not Intuitive or Hidden

Imagine how frustrating it will be for your visitors if your website navigation is not visible. In an era where people place a premium on speed and efficiency, as they try to gain time, having a website that takes more than a few seconds to understand is a sure way to lose visitors and potential customers forever.

Everybody is expecting quick service, and the moment your visitors realize they are not getting it because they have to become detectives in order to find the menu button, they will bounce off your website and onto a competitor’s site. You would probably do same if you were in their shoes.

Having non-intuitive navigation seems like a small problem, but it can actually be very frustrating for those who have to suffer from the oversight. And to make things worse, search engines take note of the high bounce rate caused by your website’s navigation issues.

The high bounce rate will keep you stuck to the bottom of the search rankings, which will in turn make it impossible for your website to enjoy the rate of organic visits which website owners dream of.

If you discover your navigation is not immediately clear and visible to anyone but yourself:

  • Include it visibly on the landing page so that users can navigate to the desired destinations on the website as quickly as possible.
  • The navigation bar should be highlighted and made to stand out so that users can identify it quickly.
  • Order the pages on your navigation bar so that the most sought after pages lie at the front and the less popular lie at the back. This way, visitors can quickly get to what they are most likely searching for.

2. Non-Responsive Website Design

We live in a mobile-first world, and you simply cannot get away with having a website that does not have look good on any screen. You have to face the fact that a growing majority of your users will be accessing your website from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Unless you ensure your website looks its converting best on mobile devices, you can bet your hat your visitors are bouncing off to better designed sites offering the same service and products as you.

Here are key points to consider when you realize you need to incorporate responsive design:

  • Go for a responsive theme if your website is developed in Wordpress.
  • Check your website on different devices using the right optimization strategies.
  • Check the responsiveness of your website when you alter the website by integrating plugins.

3. Your Calls-to-Action Are Not Prominent

Your calls-to-action are crucial parts of your website. It is of the utmost importance that you make them as prominent and as appealing as possible in order to induce users to take desired actions and click.

A call-to-action that is unclear and poorly thought out is likely to go unnoticed and ignored.

Keep the following in mind when building your call-to-action button:

  • Ensure the text is legible and understandable, creating a sense of urgency, and inspiring action.
  • Ensure your CTA button is placed in a prominent area above the fold, where users are most likely to take the desired action.
  • Make your call-to-action large enough for users to easily identify and click.
  • Ensure you use attractive colors that stand out from the rest of the page.

4. Your Website Has a Lot of Links that Open New Browser Windows

This can be especially annoying if the user is on mobile where multiple browser windows can make navigation difficult and eat into bandwidth. Having too many buttons on your website that open new browser windows is a sure way to get your visitors annoyed and make them leave. Besides, it distracts readers from the experience you are trying to offer on your website.


Avoiding these mistakes will stop you from shooting yourself in the foot, as far as conversion rate on your website is concerned. But there is more to the story. Every website is unique, and if you want to maximize your conversion rate then you need to look at many more factors that will add to the user experience. That’s where we at Eternity really shine; we specialize in making your website your biggest ROI. Reach out today and tell us about your website and your business.

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