Eternity Launched an App for Vermont Electric Co-op

Eternity Launched an App for Vermont Electric Co-op

Eternity is proud to announce a recent achievement with Vermont Electric Co-op! We built their website in 2020, and enjoyed working with each other so much, that they asked us to build an app for their outages page on their website.

The outages app allows users to easily determine if there are current outages in certain areas. It was custom-built for Vermont Electric Co-op by our Product Designer and Developer, Kolby Kruger. Kolby began working on the app in 2020 and finished it in 2021.

has not done many of these, and this was a wonderful experience for him. He did a great job, and he looks forward to doing more! The code is much more complex compared to what we typically build inside MODX. There is a section that highlights any 'Current Outages' as well as a section that displays 'Past Outages' for those looking for more information. 

Another feature that Vermont Electric Co-op wanted, was to be able to search for an account, to see the status. This would be used for anyone that utilizes Vermont Electric Co-op, and specifically has an account number. This enables users to determine if they are having electrical issues in their household or area and removes the hassle of having to call Vermont Electric Co-op in situations of urgency. 

Last but not least, Vermont Electric Co-op wanted this app to allow users to 'Report an Outage' through a SmartHub login. On this landing page, the app gives clear direction and an option to call rather than login to your SmartHub account. This feature will be extremely beneficial not only for Vermont Electric Co-op, but also for every user with a SmartHub account. It will save both the user and Vermont Electric Co-op an immense amount of time. 

Thank you for reading about our latest achievements! We loved doing this and expanding our skill set. If you or someone you know is looking to build an app or update an existing website, you know where to find us!