Eternity's Top 10 Latest Website Launches

Eternity's Top 10 Latest Website Launches
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We've been busy over at Eternity! Now more than ever, businesses are finding it extremely important to have both a functional and appealing website for their website visitors. The COVID-19 pandemic changed things for consumers, and businesses are finding it extremely important to have both a functional and appealing website for their consumers. Eternity has benefited from this, and it has given our crew a great opportunity to expand our portfolio.

We have been working hard to bring businesses beautiful, responsive websites that align with your website goals. We're excited to share these latest designs with you! Let us know what you think, and feel free to reach out to us if you are in need of a new and improved website.

Let's Grow Kids

We launched a new website for Let's Grow Kids, a non-profit located in Vermont. Let's Grow Kids has made it its mission to provide affordable access to high-quality childcare for all Vermont families by 2025. We are so grateful to be a part of the change they are creating! This was a fun project to work on because they wanted to utilize the full range of available web animations and effects. Each page not only offers relevant, helpful, information but also showcases unique layouts that are featured in bright, eye-catching, colors. 

Let's Grow Kids website


We launched Trusst with a short timeline, and we are proud of the results! Trusst is a therapy app, allowing visitors to start working with a therapist of your choice without having to wait for weeks for an appointment. They came to us looking for creative animation and a user-friendly experience. From the sitemap to the full range of effects, the Trusst therapy app is easy to use and extremely eye-catching.

Trusst mental health website

Love Burlington

We launched a new website for the City of Burlington, located in Vermont! Love Burlington came to us looking for a website that is functional for tourists as well as locals. The website features all the information that a website visitor could possibly need, including parking details, restaurant hours, shopping destinations, and job listings. If you ever find yourself in the area, be sure to check out their website and let us know what you think!

Love Burlington website

Kiss The Cook

We have had the pleasure of working with Kiss The Cook for several years now. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they decided to upgrade their previously dated system. We worked with them to design and develop an e-commerce website that offers a positive user experience, along with the ability to expand upon easily down the road. As time goes on, we look forward to continuing to work with Kiss The Cook on their inventory control and Quickbooks data syncing.

Kiss The Cook website

Housewright Construction

We have worked with Housewright Construction for several years, and it was certainly time for an upgrade! They came to us wanting a modern design and an online portfolio that would provide website visitors with all the information they need. Housewright provided us with some amazing photos, making it easy to work with. We were able to provide Housewright Construction with a website that fits their expectations, including portfolio pages, gallery pages, and even some job postings.

Housewright website


This one was fun for us, and beneficial for anyone in need of testing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Garnet came to us wanting a website that would make it easy for users to schedule an appointment. They were looking or a clean and simple design, along with easily digestible content. Meghan and Kolby worked closely to include design elements that fit the content, and ensured the information would stand out. We were all thrilled with the results, and so happy to hear that website visitors had an easy time scheduling their appointments.

Garnet website

Biggam Fox Skinner

Biggam Fox Skinner is a law firm located in Burlington, Vermont. They came to us wanting their website to better represent their brand. We made it our mission to build BFS a website that enables them to establish trust between their website visitors and their brand, while also ranking well in search engines with the use of an effective SEO strategy. Local photographer StoryWorkz worked with BFS on all new photography, making the website even more visually appealing for website visitors.

Biggam Fox Skinner website

Emily Post

We built an extensive and thorough website for the Emily Post Institute, a family business since 1922. They love etiquette and write about everything from the traditions of formal address to the mask wearing manners of today. They came to us looking for a modern design, and an easy user-experience for their website visitors. This was a large website with a lot of content, and we highly recommend taking a look at some of their etiquette articles.

Emily Post website

Travis Elliott

Travis Elliott came to us wanting a new website that was simple, beautiful and welcoming. With calming colors and branding, and some really nice photos of the nature in Vermont, we created a website that reflected all of those goals. Travis Elliott and his small team is very happy with the website, and we highly recommend checking it out!

Travis Elliott website

Bragg Farm

Bragg Farm is a local farm and has been producing Vermont Maple Syrup for 8 generations. They came to us looking for a rich e-commerce experience to bring their rustic, local, tastes of Vermont to the new millennium. We built a complex product editing system to allow for the vast range of products and also built out a great multi-ship option for splitting a single cart into multiple recipients.

Bragg Farm website
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