Google to Award Higher Rankings to Mobile-friendly Websites

Google to Award Higher Rankings to Mobile-friendly Websites
Have this post read to you in a natural voice:

Back in October, we told you in this post that there was no better time than the present -- yes, way back when, 7 weeks ago -- to redesign your website for mobile responsiveness.

We also said that upgrading to mobile responsiveness was a good reason to upgrade to the new MODX Revolution content management system, as both responsive design and MODX enable positive SEO.

We said that not only does responsive web design get you a website that works on ALL platforms and devices automatically without needing to invest in separate mobile websites. We also took an educated guess based on our analyses that website designed for mobile responsive gain a benefit in Google over competitive sites that are not designed for mobile.

Well, Google has essentially confirmed that fact with a recent round of insider information to leading SEO professionals. It\'s official with its announcement of a badge to indicate that a site is designed for use on Android and iOS devices.

Experts have guessed for some time that Google gives mobile-friendly sites preference and in summer of 2013, a penalty for sites generating errors and other problems for mobile visitors. In general, mobile-friendly sites have increased their visibility and sites that aren\'t built for mobile have decreased theirs.

The program is rolling out now, so now\'s the time to get your site up to par. Contact us today to discuss upgrading your website to a mobile responsive site, so you can build and maintain ranking on Google.