How to Choose Content that will Turn Visitors into Customers

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Are you looking for content ideas? You might be asking, “What should I post?” or “What's the best type of content?” Well, we've got your answer! This article will go over some different types of content and how they can help grow your blog.

If you're looking for content ideas, it can be quite challenging finding something that will engage your readers. You might have a post idea and ask yourself: “What should I write about?” or "How do I know what type of content is best?" We've got the answer! This article discusses some different types of strategies that have worked for us, and might work for you!

Eternity has made its mission to publish content that is both informative and engaging to its readers. We do this with both our own content and our client's content. We have found these 10 tips to be extremely useful when generating conversion-worthy content.

Produce High Volume Offers for Free

The first type of content that we'll discuss is high-volume offers. These are typically free, downloadable items such as PDF's or eBooks that you can provide to your visitors for them to consume at their own convenience and pace. This strategy works well when a) the offer doesn't take much time to produce (less than an hour), b) the incentive in exchange for downloading it is significant so people will want more information on what they're getting, c) there isn’t a lot of competition with other blogs who have done this before, and d) you're willing to spend some money advertising it through social media channels like Facebook Ads.

Utilize User-Generated Content

Another type of content that has worked really well for us is user-generated content. This strategy is extremely successful because it gains the audience's trust very quickly. It really works because you're getting their own words rather than hearing "what we think" from us. It also forces the audience to think and relate to what they're reading, which leads them down a path of sharing it with others.

Post Product Demo's

If you are selling a product, a great strategy is to produce a product demonstration. There are many ways to do this, but it's a great strategy because it allows a user to fully understand how a product will function, making it easier for them to make their purchase decision. The content that you post will depend on your audience and the purpose. However, there are some strategies to keep in mind when choosing what type of blog posts to create:

  • Demos for products (video or written)
  • Content from guests about their experience with a product/service
  • Guest posts by people who

Create a Comparison Guide

Oftentimes, a user will look for a comparison guide in order to decide on the correct sizing, color, etc. When purchasing a product online, there is often hesitation. The purchaser wants to ensure they will not have to deal with the hassle of returns or exchanges, and a comparison guide makes this easier. A great example of this is the iPhone 6s vs the Galaxy S7. Providing users with all the information is crucial, and it enables the purchaser to make a purchasing decision they will not regret.

iphone 6s vs galaxy s7

Take Time on your About Us Landing page

Your landing page is extremely important, it is where customers go in order to determine why they should choose you over a competitor. The most important thing is to have a clear and concise about us section. It should include your mission statement, what you do best, and why you are the best within your industry.

Design Custom Landing Pages

Perhaps you need custom landing pages, similar to what we recently did for Travis Elliott's new website. Rather than simply having one landing page with all resources listed, oftentimes it will be better for SEO purposes to create separate landing pages for each resource, as long as there is enough content for each landing page.

Show Successful Case Studies

Depending on the industry you are in, and the content you are creating, it is very helpful to show successful case studies. For example, Biggam Fox Skinner utilized their case studies to show their website visitors they are attorneys that will fight and win for them. Although this won't work for every business, it does work well for businesses that deliver a service.

Build Engagement Through Email Marketing

Maintaining a consistent email marketing campaign has its benefits. Although you likely hear that email marketing isn't nearly as successful as it once was, we beg to differ. We often find that our clients will click through our email newsletter, and visit our website for more information on a blog, promotion, etc. This is a wonderful strategy that will work for some, and should still be utilized within your marketing strategy.

Tell Stories

Similar to user-generated content, it is important to tell stories and build a personality behind your brand. This makes it easier for a customer or client to relate to you, and the content speaks for itself. On our website, we like to include customer reviews on each of our demonstrated website projects. Not only is this a great way to showcase our work, but it also tells a story about the customer experience while working with us.

Have Strategic Call-To-Action's

Most importantly, consider and implement an effective call-to-action. Whether you are trying to get someone to purchase a product, a service, or contact you, make it easier for your website visitors to achieve this. One of the most popular call-to-actions is to provide a form where your website visitor can fill out their information and submit it. This is becoming more popular and much easier for both the business and the customer.

If you have any questions about content and are looking for advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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