How to Use Google Autocomplete for SEO

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Where Do Google Autocomplete Words Come From?

How to Use Google Autocomplete for SEO

Google autocomplete is one of the most powerful tools you could have in your SEO arsenal, one that marketers and other SEO professionals have been taking advantage of for years.

Autocomplete is perfect for discovering high intention keywords that can be used to optimize your digital assets and messaging. But you’ve got to know how to go about it for the best results.

What Is Google Autocomplete?

According to Google, the autocomplete feature is designed to make it faster and easier to complete the searches you already began typing. And you can enjoy this feature across almost all of Google’s products like their iOS and android apps, Chrome’s browser bar, and others.

Little wonder then that Google credits this ubiquitous feature for saving over 200 years worth of typing time each day and slashing overall typing down to about 75% of what it would have been if it didn’t exist.

Where Do the Words of Autocomplete Come From?

According to some Google experts, autocomplete is more of a predictor than a tool for suggestion. And these predictions are made based on data gotten from factors such as real searches, trending searches, your location, and search history, among others.

So you may be in one place and get words from autocomplete, only to get a different set of words in another place for the same search.

Best Ways to Use Google Autocomplete for SEO

Keyword Research

Autocomplete will not take away the need to search far and wide for keywords, but it can be a source of some surprising gems. You can get an idea of the right long tail keywords to target by paying attention to the suggestions that try to finish up your searches.

Because Google autocomplete relies heavily on popularity across the internet, it can be a valuable source of insight into what real searchers are putting into the search bar in real time.

Thus, you can use it to fill in content gaps and build content calendars with items that actually answer real questions your audience has.

Just make sure to sign out of Google before using the autocomplete in order to get the best results.

Understanding User Intent

When you fully understand user intent, that knowledge can help you create an altogether more powerful page and experience for your website or page visitors.

Autocomplete can help you identify and understand the different long tail keywords in your industry that are high volume and worth prioritizing, so that your content is best equipped to answer the most pressing questions on the mind of your audience.

Online Reputation Management

With autocomplete, you can quickly hone in on what Google associates your name with. If your name in a search bar produces predictions that are negative you should invest time in offsetting some of that negative association so that your business doesn’t suffer.

The right online reputation management techniques will ensure that your business name or brand ends with predictions showing award recognition and positive results, rather than the sort of thing that would constitute your ideal customer’s worst nightmare.


Google autocomplete is a great tool you can use to improve your website’s return on investment. But it’s not the only tool available to you. Here at Eternity we help website owners reap the greatest rewards from their sites with the help of SEO and otherwise. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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