Increase Website Conversions By Talking to Existing Customers

Increase Website Conversions By Talking to Existing Customers

As a business person you are probably in love with your business--as you rightly should be! Your business is your brain child, your own version of how the world should work, and your website probably reflects that. But what do your customers think? What are their thoughts about your business or product? What attracts them to your business and what turns them away?

Having clear, objective answers to questions like these could increase your conversion rate and take your business from being good to truly great. 

What Is Customer Feedback?

Basically, any opinion which your market or customer has on your product or business constitutes customer feedback. In other words, what constitutes customer feedback are the very answers you seek from your customers about your products--and there are many places you can get them:

  • Reviews are a great way to gauge what customers think about your business after using a product or service. You can come across these on review sites, social media pages, and even on your website.

  • Blog Comments are often a treasure trove of customer’s feelings and worries about a product business policy.

  • Social media channels can best be described as a bunch of people sharing discussions about a common subject they care about. The chances are high that your industry and also your business is actively being discussed among these potential customers.

  • Interviews or word of mouth is a great way you can also get true feedback on what the customers think about a product. It does not have to be anything formal; most times a simple phone call or walking up directly to a customer on the street is enough.

How Customer Feedback Can Help You Increase Conversions

Talking to customers and getting feedback could be the cheat sheet you need to get your business ahead and get more conversions. Here’s how:

You Can Increase Conversions by Listening to Frequently Asked Questions

When you get feedback, look out for the questions that crop up more than most. These questions represent the doubts that exist in the majority of your target customer’s minds, and as such they prevent conversions. 

By placing the answers to these frequently asked questions in a prominent spot on your website or landing page, you can increase the likelihood of a prospect converting into a paying customer.

You Can Increase Conversions by Learning Why Existing Customers Chose Your Business

By learning why a majority of your existing customers chose to do business with you, you can learn the most attractive features of your business so you can amplify them for greater effect.

For example, consider that on your landing page you highlight 3 main benefits of your business, and then upon talking with customers you learn one benefit among those 3 really stands out. You can ramp up your conversion rate by highlighting that one benefit both visually and in the copy.

You Can Increase Conversion by Analyzing Patterns in Website Analytics

Through Google Analytics you can learn the behavior of those who visit your website: what pages do they go to? What sort of content do they prefer? And so on.

Knowledge on the sort of pages and content which your prospects prefer could help you know the information that is most important to them.

For example, you may realize your prospects overwhelmingly visit your About Us page instead of your service page or product page. This is a strong hint that they are more interested in knowing who you are and what qualifies you to provide the service than they are interested in the service itself. You can therefore weave this information into your website copy to make it more effective

You Can Increase Conversion by Walking Through Your Conversion Funnel

Going through the conversion funnel yourself allows you to see your business the way your customer sees it. It opens you up to new perspectives apart from your own as the business owner.

Taking this journey will be an eye opener. And you can use what you learn to modify your website and landing page copy, as well as other forms of business communications for greater effectiveness.

Talk to an Expert

Modifying your copy using customer feedback is a great way to enhance your conversion rate. But it can be a little overwhelming to find out exactly what needs changing and what should remain the same. That’s where we coming. At Eternity we are passionate about making sure you get the maximum ROI from your website. Do you want to ramp up your conversion rate and generate more leads? Talk to us!