Is a Professional Website Really Worth It?

Is a Professional Website Really Worth It?

Like any business in this information age, yours needs a website that adequately represents your values and meets your goals online.  

And like most people at the beginning, you want to cut back on costs so you’re thinking, “Why don’t I just create a free website rather than pay for one?”

Well, think again!

Free websites come with a host of problems, many of them costly in the long run:

Slow Loading Websites: Like with most freebies, you get what you pay for. Free website hosting providers usually host hundreds of websites on the same server, leading to poor load speeds. This is bad for user experience and ultimately SEO. A quick way to have visitors and potential customers look down on your business is to have an unprofessional sounding domain name. Who would take your business seriously when it does not even have a proper sounding domain name?

Get Started For Free…Not: These ‘free’ websites often turn out to be limited trials. After the trial period you are asked to pay for it, and the charges they ask are usually higher than normal Wordpress hosting services.

They Can Lock Down Your Data: As is often  the case, people who start out with free websites eventually want to transfer to paid service. But they find it impossible to move their website data because these free website providers don’t provide tools to help you migrate your site. The result is that you eventually have to spend a lot hiring a freelancer to manually export your content.

They Can Shut Down Your Website Without Giving any Reason: This is permitted by the terms and conditions which you agree to. And when they shut down your website, they usually don’t give your data or provide a way to save your content.

Free websites end up costing you and your business more in the long run.

You want a professionally done website.

Benefits of Investing in Professional Web Design

Get Customization Beyond Templates

Your website design can and should go beyond the templates that are provided you by web hosting platforms. Any designer worth his salt will probably have enough experience or at least a trick or two up their sleeve that will leave your website fully functional and ready for whatever task you need it for.

Greater Credibility and Authority

People will trust a professionally done website much more than a DIY website that was quickly slapped together. First impressions matter even online.

Positive User Experience

Professionally done websites tend to offer a more positive user experience than their DIY counterparts, because of all the thought and effort that go into making them. This is important because, the greater the user experience, the more likely it is that prospects and visitors will stick around to do business.

Stronger Branding

Custom web design can really set you apart from your competitors and highlight what is unique about your business. This is a far cry from what you can expect when you go with templates that are available to everyone else.

Get a Fully Optimized Website

You want a site that looks good on every device and is fully primed for SEO, right? Good. Hiring your professional is your best bet.

Put your best foot forward online and go for custom design today. We at Eternity love helping businesses achieve their greatest ROI through professionally made websites tailored to their particular needs. We would love to hear from you. Reach out today.