MODX Might Be the Best CMS You’ve Never Used

MODX Might Be the Best CMS You’ve Never Used
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Touted by many as “the best CMS you’ve never used”, MODX may also qualify as the best CMS you’ve never heard of. A lot of people think Wordpress, when they hear of CMS—and that’s because that platform is by far the most popular—but is it truly the best CMS out there?

In many cases, not exactly.

Sure, if you’re looking for a complete out-of-the-box content management system replete with intuitive features and versatility, Wordpress is one of the best platforms you can go for. But at the same time, making major changes to these set templates and frameworks is a truly complex process, and one which could easily break your website if not handled by an experienced professional.

For those looking for particular solutions to their needs, MODX may be a better option because of its high customizability. Unlike other CMS Solutions that advocate a one-size-fits-all approach to creating and managing content, MODX allows you to easily turn away from first and third party templates in order to design something that is truly unique and caters your personal needs.

Why You Shouldn’t Count Out MODX Just Yet

It may not be the most popular CMS out there, and while some people have compared it to Wordpress, that comparison is a little bit more tedious to make since Wordpress is tailored for non-technical users while MODX can be described as a platform for developers.

That said there are other reasons why MODX still has a vibrant support system of developers around the world who keep things alive and updated:

  • MODX is developer friendly and can be completely customized to meet all your particular needs.
  • Once setup by a skilled developer, the interface is far easier for a client to manage than Wordpress
  • If your website already runs on MODX, switching to another CMS platform can be time consuming, require a lot of work and—given the high customizability—totally unnecessary.
  • Because, most CMS use a one-size-fits all approach (especially Wordpress), they may not be the best options to answer to the particular needs of your business or that of your clients.
  • MODX has solid backing and support from MODX, LLC; which gives you a lot more confidence that projects built with the CMS are not going to be left hanging anytime soon. There are some modern CMS out there which are actually developed by one guy who manages it in his spare time.
  • MODX is also pretty well documented with videos, books, standard community forums—and even a slack channel—to offer any help and answer quick questions should it ever be necessary. On some of these forums you can find threads over 10 years old still active.

These are only a few reasons out of many why MODX lies close to the hearts of developers all over the world, and especially here at Eternity.

At Eternity we exclusively build all of our websites with MODX, and with it have been able to create stunning websites that work, look good on any device, and meet our client’s needs.

We have customized our MODX CMS install for our clients to be the very best combination of ease-of-use and flexibility. We have created a library of instructional videos as well. You can watch all of our videos in our Training Center.

Feel free to contact us today for a live demo and discover how Wordpress is not always the answer for your website goals.

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