Our New Hire and Content Specialist - Meghan Richards

Our New Hire and Content Specialist - Meghan Richards
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On August 12th, the Eternity crew grew! Meghan Richards is our new Content Specialist. She is a passionate writer and a social media guru. Communication is her thing, no matter what form it is. She is a native Vermonter with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Champlain College. She graduated from Champlain College in 2017 and has been writing content for Vermont Teddy Bear and Dealer.com ever since!

Meghan is able to easily portray a message through her use of words. Creating content is second nature to her. She has a knack for determining what makes people tick, and will analyze as well as portray the voice, tone and reputation that you and your business care to represent.

As a Content Specialist at Eternity, Meghan will begin by doing a sitemap of your website. Following the sitemap, she will then create a content strategy, develop an editorial calendar and put the plan into action. 

For those of you who need assistance with your social media presence, Meghan is here to help! She will not only assist in the creation of your social media channels, but she will also assist in managing your social media channels by curating a content calendar and posting to the appropriate social networks. 

Meghan is looking forward to working with the Eternity crew and expanding the services that we offer our clients. 

Although Meghan's first love is writing, she has many other hobbies and interests that we want to share with you! She is a snowboarder, a hiker, a hot yoga goer and a music lover. She loves all types of music, and all types of animals too! Her two cats Luka and Luna are adorable and mean the world to her. 

Whether she is found on the top of a mountain or in the comfort of her home, Meghan is a happy person with a can-do attitude! She loves people, pizza and exploring new places! At the age of 24, she has the travel bug. The furthest she has traveled is New Zealand. She is a big fan of pineapple on her pizza and every once in a while will sip on a Vermont IPA. Meghan prefers tea over coffee, but working next to Muddy Waters will most likely change that! 

Meghan is excited to join the team and curate content for all the businesses, tourism, hospitality and non-profit organizations that Eternity has the pleasure of working with! 

We are so happy to have Meghan on our team, and we are excited to provide our clients with an excellent content creation experience! If you have any questions about Meghan and her new position, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.