Page Speed, and Why You're Hearing About It

Page Speed, and Why You're Hearing About It
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Lately our clients have been confronted with new (and sometimes frightening) reports about their websites. Like the fear-inspired "SEO" and "Google placement guarantee" sales pitches, folks have experienced sudden anxiety over whether their page is loading fast enough for users, or for Google. 

Our position at Eternity is that it's important to optimize your page load times. You can lose out to competitors whose pages load fast, especially on mobile devices. But if your site is mobile responsive, and you are cognizant of the use of images and how they impact page load, and your web developers say on top of SEO and performance trends, there really is very little to fear.

In fact, as this article poiints out, you are probably doing far better than the reports will lead you to believe, especially if you fall into the trap of using Google's own PageSpeed tool for your analysis. (We like Website Grader by Hubspot or the Site Analyzer suite of tools.)

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