SEO Intern to Strategist: Eternity Promotes Isabelle Halpern

SEO Intern to Strategist: Eternity Promotes Isabelle Halpern
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"I'm so excited to be taking on the role of SEO Strategist, and I couldn't be more grateful for this incredible team. It's been such a fulfilling experience, and I can't wait for all that is to come at Eternity with this awesome crew." —Isabelle Halpern

This is what Isabelle Halpern had to say about her latest promotion at Eternity. Since starting as an intern during her final semester at UVM, she has progressed significantly in her role and gained top-notch industry skills that have transitioned her into a full-time SEO Strategist.

As a result of her promotion, Isabelle works directly with Eternity's clients for their SEO needs and even writes custom blogs to help meet the marketing goals of multiple clients. She is also helping evolve processes within Eternity to support the team and clients as the company continues to expand and grow into its future.

Mike Lannen, founder of Eternity, was able to give Isabelle in-depth guidance and feedback throughout her SEO Internship. 

"She quickly picked up on our SEO strategies, helped create campaigns for many of our clients, and she's really been able to hit the ground running." —Mike Lannen

Isabelle's experience at Eternity has been truly unique since she both started and currently works 100% remotely. Isabelle is a fan of remote work and credits her current position largely to the open-minded environment and support of Eternity by saying, 

"Although the remote experience is not ideal for some, it truly helped me be able to take the internship on initially. Balancing being a college student and full-time Intern at the time- it would have been nearly impossible to commute from classes to an office and be able to get all of my work done. I am truly grateful for the flexibility, support, and trust that Eternity gave me during my last semester at the University of Vermont. The incredible team environment is why I am where I am today." —Isabelle Halpern

Eternity strives to provide those who may not have experience in certain fields of expertise chances to grow into new roles. Isabelle studied communications at UVM, where her leadership abilities, drive to learn, and working closely with others were always at the forefront of her goals for a career. Working in SEO wasn't something she had past experience with, but Mike Lannen saw these qualities and offered her the SEO Internship position. Needless to say, her hard work ethic, passion for working with others, and quick learning abilities allowed her to thrive in the role. It goes to show that hiring for potential and not just experience is an investment well worth making.

So what does the future hold? It's bright, as Isabelle will continue to work closely with Eternity clients while learning even more SEO skills and techniques that she can bring to our team here at Eternity! 🚀