Socially Distant Activities With The Whole Family

Socially Distant Activities With The Whole Family
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We know that social distancing and being in quarantine isn’t fun, because every person on our team is experiencing the same thing. Instead of talking about something digital marketing related or website design and development related in this blog post, we want to help you make the most out of your time in quarantine.

Social distancing can still encompass an array of activities for you and your family. Whether it is just you and your partner, or the kiddos too, there is something to do for all of you! 

Get Outside

This one is a given! If you are lucky like us, we are located in Vermont and there is so much to do outside. Take a walk in the neighborhood, walk down church street, hike a mountain, go mountain biking, or take your motorcycle for a ride if that is your thing! Whatever it is, there are endless opportunities and it also gets your endorphins flowing.

Get Healthy Indoors

Perhaps you are not located in Vermont where outdoor activities are endless. Invest in your physical and mental health while staying inside. Beach Body is a great investment, especially while the gyms and yoga studios are closed. They offer hundreds of workouts for thousands of individuals. You can also work on your mental health by writing regularly, and starting your day off with morning meditation. You can find several meditation options on YouTube if you are having trouble doing it on your own.

Learn How to Cook

Maybe you already know how to cook, but if you don’t know how to, now is the perfect time to learn! Buy a cookbook or just use online resources to make your favorite recipes. If you do already have the cooking skills that we all desire, teach your kiddo or partner or cook for the whole family!

Spring Cleaning

Spring has officially started and although we are all stuck in quarantine, it is still the time of year where spring cleaning occurs in most of our households. Get rid of anything old and borrowed, and sell it on Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace. Keep things socially distant, and supply all visitors with hand sanitizer. Also, enforce masks while they are on your lawn and near your lawn sale.

Get Crafty

Put the screens down and get crafty with the whole family! Make a scrapbook of your favorite memories, or pick up an old painting hobby you forgot you enjoyed. Whatever you choose to do for arts and crafts, make sure it is fun for the whole family. Do not set the bar high, just have fun, and get your hands dirty!