The Importance of Your Landing Page: Why it Matters & Best Practices

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Optimized Landing Pages

It's important to have a landing page that has been optimized for google ads. A successful landing page will help you reach your target audience with ease while promoting relevant content. Landing pages can be improved with some small changes and adjustments.

We'll touch on the importance of your landing page, why it matters, and the best practices that should be followed for your site to perform better in Google Ads.

Why Does Your Landing Page Matter?

Having a high-quality landing page experience can positively impact your ad rank position, quality score, and overall conversion rate. These are all important factors in google ads and it's important to know what they are before you start creating a landing page.

Ad Rank Position

This is the ranking position your ad will be displayed in google ads. A lower rank means that you'll have a higher chance of being seen first on people's search results page, which can result in more clicks and conversions to your website overall.

Quality Score

Google uses the quality score as an indication of how relevant your ad is for users, which will be used when determining whether or not to show your ad on the search engine results pages (SERPs). A higher quality score means that your ad will show up more often and have a higher chance of being clicked.

Conversion Rate

Google determines the conversion rate by looking at how many visitors convert on each pageview.

Your landing page is like your salesperson. It needs to be able to persuade shoppers into buying something from them.

The perfect landing page is one that does not distract the visitor but rather guides them to take action. It should be easily read and understood at a glance.

Best Practices For Improving Your Landing Pages

Now that you know the importance of your landing page, it's time to take advantage and make sure your website is compliant. Use these best practices for an optimized landing page.

Be Relevant

You want your landing page to make sense for the user. It needs to be relevant and reflect what he or she is expecting when clicking on an ad. Use similar keywords on your landing pages that you target in your campaigns. Use the same call to action on your landing page that you do in your ads.

Be Trustworthy

Include your contact information, have it easy to find. If you are asking for their personal information be clear about why you need it.

Be Clear

Use straightforward language, tell visitors what they can expect to find when landing on your page. Use short sentences and make things easy for the reader.

Be Engaging

Keep your landing page simple, but also make it interesting. Use images and videos to capture the attention of visitors. You want them excited about what you are offering so they can’t wait to buy!

Be Mobile Friendly

It's important to make sure all content can be viewed on a mobile device. If someone is viewing your site on their phone and they don't see any information because of a big picture or text that’s not formatted correctly they will instantly leave your site.

Be Easily Accessible

It's crucial that your site has a fast loading time. Otherwise, visitors will get annoyed and leave. Additionally, try to keep it short sweet, and grammatically correct.

Landing pages can be one of the most important tools in your digital marketing arsenal. It’s not just about getting people to click on a link, though that is an important part of it. You also want them to stay on your site and ultimately buy something from you.

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