Tourism Website Trends For 2020

Tourism Website Trends For 2020
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Staying current with your website design is important, especially for businesses in the tourism industry. Things are altering almost daily, with COVID-19 bringing mandatory change to every business in the world. Ensure the survival of your tourism business by implementing not only a functional website but also a website that is sure to catch your eye and keep users engaged.

Our job at Eternity is to stay up to date with website trends, and we are here to share that insight with you. As website designers and developers, we know how important it is to have a website that will drive revenue for your business. We are here to make sure that happens for you and your business, whether in the tourism industry or another industry

Continue to read our blog post and check out our recommendations for your tourism website. Follow up with us if you are interested in working with us and building a new and improved website. We would love to help you and your business succeed. 

Keep It Simple

You know what they say, do not over complicate something. 

Keep it simple and straightforward. 

When it comes to your website, this remains the same. This includes a streamlined navigation, a flat architecture and a full-width, modular design that is intuitive and streamlined for users.

Each business in the tourism industry is being designed to cater to mobile users, which entails moving away from cluttered layouts and keeping things simple on the front-end of your website. 

Integrate User-Generated Content

Your tourism website should be focused on the ‘experience’ and create a sense of inspiration for your website visitors. This all comes down to how you will draw inspiration from user-generated content, such as Instagram and Facebook. Our crew at Eternity has integrated Instagram and Facebook to their website designs, because it is what users want to see.

Many people are drawn to instagram worthy photos or tweets and facebook updates, which is why tourism websites have had to quickly implement. 

Utilize Video to Intrigue Website Visitors

Specifically for the tourism industry, video has played a critical role in building hype and creating inspiration. It motivates people to want to do something, such as get out of the house and explore a new destination.

Many websites have interactive city guides, but some are experimenting with 360-degree videos or shorter clips. In addition, many website visitors are coming to your tourism website to book a trip for themselves or their travel partners, making this feature a very important part of the business.

Data Mining

When you think about the process of building a website, you likely think about the front-end development process. Although that is extremely important, data mining on the back end has also proven to be successful. Make use of your customer relationship platforms (CRMs) and generate invaluable data that will help to drive revenue through your website.

This data provides insight into the forms of content that your website visitors prefer, which partners provide the best services, and more. 

In a nutshell, utilizing this information will help you understand what travelers want during a vacation. 


Instead of promoting a specific region, tourism businesses have quickly learned that it is much more valuable to promote regions in which they are well-known for. 

Essentially, this means that you should move away from promoting parts of your business that are not profitable. 

This will save you money in the long run, and also ensure that success remains successful.