Welcoming Holly Buttura to Eternity

new hire Holly
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We are pleased to welcome Holly Buttura to the Eternity team, as our new Content & SEO Specialist. Holly comes to us with a background in web design, email marketing, and content creation. She was brought in to Signal Advertising to develop their email marketing program. From designing the emails to assisting with content creation, she helped clients meet their goals by providing the highest value content to their customers. Her ability to simplify and communicate complex ideas to a general audience lets her easily interact with local businesses and those with a national presence. Holly’s capacity to plan and manage projects also earned her a promotion as their Senior Production Manager.

She’s currently enrolled in a 10-month UX Immersion program with CareerFoundry. Holly will bring this knowledge into her new role at Eternity by developing effective SEO strategies that align with our clients' business goals. Her meticulous attention to detail will ensure each page of a client’s website will be optimized to achieve high-ranking results.

Why Holly is a great fit for Eternity

Holly is driven by her pursuit of keeping content understandable and easy to find. Her goal is to reduce others’ frustration of having the information but not understanding it, being overwhelmed with the volume, or simply not being able to locate it. This combination of her upbeat attitude and desire to bring the best out of others will fit well with the Eternity team. 

Holly's Role at Eternity

Holly is thrilled to join the incredible crew at Eternity and contribute to their commitment to the business and goals of their amazing clients. She is looking forward to learning more in her new role, while also providing new insight into her role, based on her previous job experience.

More about Holly Buttura 

Outside the office, you’ll find Holly enjoying time with her two dogs, Athena and Ponyboy. She’s been to countless dog shows, including the Westminster Dog Show. Holly also enjoys cooking and uses her creativity to decorate some pretty cool cupcakes. You can also find her watching stand-up comedy, and First We Feast’s Hot Ones.

Fun facts about Holly

1. Holly went to the Westminster Dog Show in NYC.
2. Holly shares the same birthday as Dan Rather and John Candy.
3. Holly rocked lavender hair for almost a year.
4. Holly won’t walk barefoot on wet grass.
5. Holly watched MCU’s Black Widow three times in three weeks, and two of those were
within 24 hours.

Holly's cookies she made

Work with Holly and the Eternity crew

We are so excited about welcoming Holly to the team, and we would appreciate you giving her a warm welcome also! 

Are you ready to build a new website for your business or brand? Work with Holly and the rest of the Eternity crew to build a website that represents your business, and is easy for your website visitors to navigate. Contact us today to get started!