Welcoming Maria Black to Eternity

maria black new social media creator

Maria Black is joining our team! Join us in welcoming her! Maria was originally from the heart of the Adirondacks, Long Lake, NY. She came to Burlington, VT to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Communication with a specialization in Public Relations. She is currently a senior at Champlain College, and has enjoyed her time in college, but is ready to spread her wings and join the real world.

Maria’s Previous Job Experience

After four years as an undergraduate at Champlain College, Maria is ready to start a full-time job and has graciously accepted a position as our new Social Media Content Creator. She has experience in Public Relations, Digital Marketing and Social Media Content Creation. She has had several internships throughout her four years at Champlain College, including an internship for a public relations and digital marketing agency, GreenHouse Digital + PR. Maria interned as their PR + Digital Marketing Intern, and gained experience in project management, case study and blog writing, media list creation, pitching, and Google Ads.

In addition, she also held an internship with a local startup in the Burlington area called StrollRunner, where she was their Digital Marketing Intern. Maria worked independently to establish branding, promote a product to a niche audience, and create valuable relationships through community building. She managed the social media channels, as well as their email marketing campaigns.

Maria’s New Role at Eternity Marketing

Maria is ecstatic about the opportunity to begin her career at Eternity and remain in the local Burlington community. She looks forward to working with such a dynamic team, as well as an array of amazing clients.

What is Maria Passionate About?

Maria is creatively driven. She believes creativity can be an asset for all types of content creation, and is passionate about community building, brand recognition and brand awareness, as well as social influence. Maria is a multitasker and is extremely detail oriented, making her a great fit for the Eternity team. She loves a good challenge, because it is an opportunity to learn, and she values teamwork and collaboration, which we have a lot of at Eternity Marketing.

More About Maria Black

When Maria is away from her computer, she can be found outdoors! She loves being able to live so close to the Adirondacks, because they hold a special place in her heart. She moved to Vermont four years ago, and feels that the community is truly one-of-a-kind. When Maria isn’t outside exploring the great outdoors, she can be found taking photos and trying her hand at photography, or spending time with close friends or family.

Working with Maria at Eternity

We are so thrilled to have Maria Black as a new team member on the Eternity crew! Are you interested in working with Maria with your social media marketing strategy? Contact us today and get started.