Why it is important to show employee appreciation, and 10 ways how

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Employee appreciation is important. It's one of the simplest and most effective ways to show your team you care, and it can make a world of difference in terms of employee morale, productivity and creativity. In fact, according to one study, happy employees lead to companies with 19% higher revenues. So, how can you show your employees some love?

Recognizing your employees for their hard work and dedication is an important part of creating a happy workplace. There are many ways you can show appreciation, from hosting events to giving props or awards at regular intervals. Showing your employees that you appreciate them is one way to improve engagement, retention and productivity. Check out these 10 easy recommendations!

Say " thank you" for a job well done.

The best way to show your employees that they're appreciated is by saying thank you. There are so many ways you can go about doing this, but one of the most simple and effective methods? Just say it! Your gratitude will be heard loud and clear when all attention has been focused on what's important: showing our people just how much we care for them as individuals - not only at work but also outside during off-time activities or even after hours while completing tasks without being asked (which makes those times all more special).

Provide meaningful work assignments.

No matter what industry you are in, it is important to get familiar with the people working for your company. By doing so, they can more easily assign tasks and projects that not only fit their expertise but also bring out something of interest from them! At Eternity, we have the pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients. This makes it easy for Mike, the founder, to delegate each project to our team of web developers and content creators.

Give gifts for birthdays, holidays, and for no reason at all.

There are a number of ways to show your appreciation for the hard work that goes into making sure everything runs smoothly. Whether it be with small things like branded pens, or bigger gifts such as gift cards from local restaurants - you'll find something perfect! Either way, showing employees your appreciation is important, even if there is no reason at all to celebrate that individual. You would be surprised at how quickly offering a thoughtful gift can turn someone's day around, while simultaneously improving retention rates.

Let them know their opinion matters.

People are more likely to do something if they feel like it is their idea. So when you're looking into remodeling your office space, don't just consider what's best for yourself- think about how this will make employees happy too! If a remodeling project is on the horizon and will affect them directly or indirectly with work responsibilities, then make sure that their input has value by asking questions such as "What do you think? How can this be improved?" You'll make sure that trust is established by letting everyone speak freely about how things could improve or change within this new environment as well!

Reward them with praise and recognition.

When you want to show your appreciation for an employee's hard work, it can be as simple as thanking them or giving out an award. A physical prize from Vermont Awards & Engraving will make employees feel appreciated and valued, while any kind words convey how much we appreciate all efforts put forth into making sure the business runs smoothly!

Give them opportunities to learn and grow professionally.

If you want to see your employees thrive in the workplace, provide them with opportunities for growth. At Eternity, we are always encouraging our team members and giving them opportunities to take a class or get certified if they think it'll help their development as well. By doing so, you are helping that individual become a more valuable asset as they learn new skills while also increasing your team’s capabilities in this area too.

Encourage team spirit by celebrating success together.

Whether it's another year of business, or a large project launch, each success should be celebrated. The recognition could come in the form of pizza for lunch and/or team dinners at local restaurants where employees get together over food to celebrate their accomplishments! It will create a positive company culture while also allowing employees time to build relationships outside of work.

Help them adjust to change.

We all know how difficult it is to deal with change. Whether you're talking about a death in the family, moving across town or having kids; there will always be an adjustment period when something new happens and your life changes forever! The pandemic has caused a lot of change in the workplace, and it's important to give your employees time for adjustment. These are all changes that should be allowed time to adjust.

Offer support during difficult times.

When life gets tough, be open and honest about it with your employees. Communication lines are more effective when they're free from any hidden agendas or hesitation, so being transparent will make you both feel better in difficult times. It certainly has been an uphill battle for everyone these past few years! We highly recommend being open to your employees on an emotional level because when they need you most-you'll be there ready with advice or support if needed (and vice versa). This will create a more trusting environment, which in turn allows complete honesty between both parties involved.

Maintain an open communication channel.

Communication is the lifeblood of any team, and in order for it to be effective, you have got to use a platform that makes everything easy. At Eternity, we utilize Slack for all our communication. From organizing conversations with ease or getting notified when someone messages another member on your list - there are so many features available! Slack is a great way to stay in touch with your team, whether you're working remotely or on-site. It makes it easy for everyone involved.