Why You Should Be Sending an Email Newsletter

Why You Should Be Sending an Email Newsletter
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Email newsletters are a great way to connect with your customers and increase sales. If your email newsletters are effective, it can have a very positive influence on your business.

Although there are numerous ways to connect with your customer, whether it is via social media or a host of other ways, many businesses forget about the power of email as a marketing channel. Surprisingly, the majority of adults will go online to check email, more so than they shop online or visit social media profiles.

If you are on the fence about investing your time and effort into email newsletters, then read on to see just how beneficial email marketing can be for your business.

Here are some reasons why you should send out a newsletter and some ideas on what you should include in order to make it effective:

Demonstrates Skill

When you take the time and effort to send a regular email newsletter, whether it is weekly or bi-weekly, you are demonstrating your skill and ability to write. At Eternity, we want to show our customers and audience that they can count on us to provide well-written content, no matter if it is being displayed on your website or in an ad campaign. By sending out regular newsletters, we are providing a writing sample that shows what we have to offer.

Keeps You Top Of Mind

By sending our audience a consistent email newsletter, you are keeping your business and brand top of mind, with ideas and reminders of how you can help. This is dependent on your newsletter being valuable, with useful information that is related to the services you offer as a web writer. For example, at Eternity we offer professional writing for websites, blogs, and social media. Hence, why in our email newsletter, we will share tips, strategies, updates on changes, and the latest trends. 

Do not forget to remind your readers that you are there to help and answer any questions they might have!

Establishes Authority

A regular newsletter establishes your authority in your niche or field of expertise. At Eternity, we write regular newsletter to show our audience that we are the expert, and that they can count on us to write quality content that will encourage their website visitors to convert to customers.

It Is Fresh Content

The more you send a newsletter to your desired audience, the more likely you are to keep your blog and website updated with fresh content. Not only will this keep you top of mind for your audience, but also for Google. The more content, the better. Google will reward you with better search ranking, and if you aren't keeping your newsletter in a vacuum, your content will take up permanent residence on your website.

Builds Relationships

As you know, Eternity takes relationship building very seriously. Our regular newsletter promises our customers a long-lasting relationship, while also proving our expertise in our industry. It builds relationships with not only your clients, but prospective clients too. You are demonstrating a commitment to your clients and prospects, and showing them that you care to reach out and be in touch. In turn, this keeps your client coming to you for the service you provide rather than straying off to a competitor.

Walk The Talk

Practice what you preach, right? We want to walk the talk and show our customers and prospective customers that they are paying us to write for them, because we have a skill that will benefit their business. A newsletter is a good example of what you can offer. In addition to client testimonials, some of the strongest evidence that you can deliver a product or service is when you demonstrate by doing it with your own business.

Trains Your Audience

Perhaps you are worried that you will get a low click-through rate and that is why you are avoiding newsletters. Keep in mind, that sending a regular newsletter will train your audience to open your emails. By showing your audience you are providing quality content that is worth reading, they'll be more likely to open your email when you send a promo code or special offer. 

Now that we have explained why you should be sending a regular newsletter, we are going to show you what kind of content you can create for your newsletter. Here are a few ideas:

  • Case studies (clients’ or your own)
  • Tips
  • Industry updates
  • New certifications or specialties you’ve acquired
  • Reviews of products, services or apps you use and love — that relate to your web-writing business
  • How-to’s
  • Surveys
  • Frequently asked questions

You have all the information you need to get started and stay consistent with email marketing, and the only thing missing is the tool. We highly recommend MailChimp, because it is not only easy to use, but it is also affordable for most businesses.