Why You Should Redesign Your Website for Responsive - NOW

Why You Should Redesign Your Website for Responsive - NOW

Recent trends in global Google Analytics show that, on average, between 30-50% of website traffic can be attributed to mobile phones and tablets. Most projections for 2015 show that most traffic -- 60% or more -- will be on handheld devices.

Now is the time to update your website for mobile responsiveness. Eternity Web can help you with a highly cost-effective design upgrade to bring your site up to speed vis-a-vis responsiveness, as well as to ensure the mobile experience for your site visitors is equal to the desktop user's experience.

Google has said it "highly recommends" using responsive design, and our experience this year shows that responsive design has become part of its search algorithm. All indications are that it will be a more prominent factor in Google's SEO-friendliness scores, so it will eventually be critical for all businesses' sites to be responsive to maintain or gain search engine referrals. Yes, you could lose traffic that you've taken for granted if you don't move to a mobile responsive platform, and fast. But Google effectiveness is just one of many factors that indicate now's the time to migrate your site to a responsive platform.

Improve Google Ranking

Websites that provide a better user experience through a well-design user interface -- not just well-written content, as Google has been focused on previously -- on mobile phones and tablets will take priority in searches improving their Google ranking.

Create more conversions

Google Analytics shows that responsive websites enhance the user experience, which keeps them on the site longer, decreases bounce rates and increases conversion rates. These are key goals for all Internet marketers, and responsive web design is a new key driver of these criteria.

Save money

No more do you need multiple websites for desktop and mobile. There's no need to develop an app for mobile if your site is responsive and effectively designed. You'll need fewer resources to maintain your web presence. This will save you money on people, design partners, technical partners, and web hosting.

Eternity Web is ready to quickly and cost-effectively migrate your site to a mobile responsive platform. We're offering special incentives to any of our current clients, or any new client who's upgrading their MODX content management system.

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