Why You Shouldn’t Create a DIY Logo for Your Business

Why You Shouldn’t Create a DIY Logo for Your Business
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Your business logo is likely going to be the most recognizable aspect of your business brand. To say a logo is powerful does not even begin to describe how important they can be to your business and how it interacts with your audience. A great logo should inspire the right emotions like confidence, happiness, and recognition every time a member of the public sees it. Needless to say, creating a logo is one decision you want to get right.

The Dangers of DIY Logo Sign:

You Probably Don’t Understand Well Enough What a Logo Should Do

A logo is not just something you create in order to fill up space in all the usual spaces like the store front, letterhead, and your business card. A logo is a visual representation of your company and its values. Without a proper understanding of and experience with this concept, you risk doing your business a disservice by creating a DIY logo.

Bad Font Choices

DIY yourself logos tend to underestimate the impact which a logo can have on the way a business comes across to the public. For example, those funny cursive fonts may look good on the eye or on a birthday card, but they are not the way to go if you intend coming across as a serious and professional establishment.

Bad Color Choices

You can’t just choose a color because you like it or your kid likes it. True designers will be knowledgeable about color theory and how different colors are perceived by different colors around the world. For example, an audience in the US looks upon red as a color of warning and danger, whereas in China it is a color that signifies celebration. You risk creating a logo that fails to take such nuances into account when you go the DIY route.

Lack of Versatility

Not all formats are created equal. A graphic designer who knows his stuff will present you a logo in different formats like .EPS, .JPG, and .AI and then tell you when and where each will be appropriately used. Without such technical knowhow and experience you may create a logo using Microsoft Word and then get stumped when your screen printer or embroiderer asks for a vector file which you may not have heard of.

Your Logo Should Be Timeless

It is very easy to get caught up in the latest trends and fashions when creating your own logo. The downside of this happening of course is that several months or a few years down the road your logo will no longer come across as relevant or properly thought out. What you want is a timeless logo, one that outlasts visual trends and pop preferences. Designers know which colors and fonts will stand the test of time, and you stand a better chance of getting a timeless logo by choosing their services over the shot in the dark which is DIY design.

Logo design can often be a daunting process; after all you are creating one of the most prominent aspects of your business. It is never a bad idea to reach out for expert help in this case. Here at Eternity we pride ourselves on our expertise in helping businesses put their best foot forward with their logos. Reach out to us today if you would like to chat. While we can create some basic logos, we often work with one of our design partners Methodikal for beautiful logo design and branding.