Why Your Website is Ready for an Upgrade to the MODX CMS

Why Your Website is Ready for an Upgrade to the MODX CMS

Perhaps you've heard the talk for years now in Internet marketing circles about the importance of companies' websites being search engine friendly. In the last year or two, you've probably also heard that it's critical that your website be designed to be mobile responsive. If you've shopped for a website in recent years, you've also been told that you need a content management system (CMS) that allows you to easily update your site without technical help. And you've been told by the various web firms you've contacted that most CMSs (including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, to name a few) don't allow a heck of a lot of design flexibility -- which is why so many of their clients' websites look the same.

We at Eternity Web have worked exclusively with the MODX CMS for years, and have spent countless hours sorting through comparisons to other CMSs, and with the advent of the newest version of MODX -- Revolution -- we simply have to open up an install of MODX on one of the newer sites we've developed to debunk myths that have pervaded the CMS market about design flexibility and show off the power of MODX for SEO friendliness and ease of use.

Lately, we've been upgrading many of our clients from older versions of MODX to Revolution, and we've been migrating several new clients to MODX from Drupal, WordPress, and other more limiting CMS platforms. As a result, we're well-versed in the advantages of migrating websites to MODX, and here's a list of the top 5 reasons why you should call us to upgrade your site, soon:

Mobile Responsive - MODX has been at the forefront of mobile responsive design (MRD), allowing for automatic mobile responsiveness on its sites long before other CMSs did on a broad basis. We exploit this feature of MODX at Eternity Web to make all our clients' sites mobile responsive, so they automatically work equally as well on handheld devices as they do on desktop computers. And, yes, Google gives higher referral rankings to responsive sites than to sites that are not mobile responsive.

Search Engine Friendly (BEST friends!) - The one truism about SEO is that it changes, constantly. We love MODX because the site editor (you or your staff) has complete control over all the SEO elements you need to perform in search engines. And we can structure your site so much of the "on-page" or organic SEO elements, like title tags and human-friendly URLs, are populated automatically based on an SEO taxonomy developed specifically for your business.

Fully Customizable and Scalable - Websites should be able to evolve and expand as your business needs and marketing strategies grow and change. Whether you want to add a custom blog, social integration, or a shopping cart now or later, MODX makes it easy. In the highly component-based MODX environment, where add-ons can be found for download and plugging in or be created originally by us, changes to your site are more efficient and affordable with MODX than other CMSs.

Total Creative Freedom - We can design your site exactly how you want it to look. MODX doesn't force the creative compromises most other CMSs do.

Enables Collaboration - MODX is so flexible with respect to design because look and feel is a completely separate layer of code from content delivery. That means designers and developers can work simultaneously. It also allows us to work with several design partners who work with clients on design while we build the sites, so we can help you achieve a new website while working with your long-term design agency.

There are more reasons to upgrade to MODX Revolution now, including security, open-source licensing, and powerful developer tools.

Perhaps the biggest reason to do a MODX migration soon is that we at Eternity are able to take on new MODX migration projects now and be on track to complete your new site for early 2015... when SEO, blogging, and mobile responsiveness will be of even greater importance to web users and to Google.