Allied Building Contractors

Allied Building is a unique design/build general contractor in Central Vermont that provides expert guidance and a positive customer experience for home renovations, home and kitchen remodeling, new home design, build and construction.

Allied Building Contractors

With some great photography and quality videos, Allied Building approached us to build a website that would properly advertise their work. We focused on their services and provided easy navigation along with clear messaging.

Allied Building loved the look and feel of magazines, which lead us to design and integrate a beautiful magazine style layout for their portfolio section.




Allied Building Contractors does some beautiful work, and we chose a photo-centric way to display the different projects that they have completed.

Allied Building Contractors

Project Details

Each project contains its own detail page, filled with information. With a magazine layout in mind, we built project details to contain different size images and an overflowing text that easily portrays a unique layout for their project details.

Allied Building Contractors