Capstone Community Action

Capstone Community Action is part of a nationwide network of community action agencies (CAA) established by the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 in order to fight America’s War on Poverty. Today, there are nearly 1,000 CAAs across the United States. CAAs are a primary source of support for Americans who are living in poverty in both rural and urban areas.

Capstone Homepage

Eternity used iconography and photography to create a superior user experience, managed content and crafted information architecture including navigation design, user flow and a custom backend group permissions for 30+ administrators. We used Capstone's existing colors to make a more cohesive, modernized brand across digital materials, grouped offerings for their target audience and integrated workshops throughout the site. 


Performing an ADA audit takes time, but allows us to identify problematic parts of the website. We apply solutions to these identified areas throughout the website while referencing the WCAG guidelines and account for Level AA compliance standards.

We're proud to say that Capstone Community Action now has a Level AA compliance rated website! To learn more about ADA, please visit our accessibility page.



Animated Statistics Counter

An animated stats counter to highlight and showcase meaningful milestones the client has accomplished.

Capstone Community Action