Delicate Decadence

For over a decade, Delicate Decadence has been serving Central Vermont. Known for fantastic sweets and delicious morning pastries, it’s also a great place to enjoy a cup of morning coffee, a mid-day lunch or a take home dinner.

Delicate Decadence

Chef Tim approached us and asked us to build his bakery a sleek and modern website. Delicate Decadence makes a wide variety of food items, and we needed a page for each one. Organization was key, as well as making the navigation easy to use, and easy to find the items you're looking for.

Tim also features Take Home Meals, a meal you can pickup at the end of the day, as long as you signup before-hand. We built an automated system that displays the meal he will be making that night, as well as a purchasing form.




Delicate Decadence features unique arts and layouts that we created custom just for them.

Delicate Decadence


Delicate Decadence offers take-out meals that you can order online and ahead of time. We featured a full menu that automatically became available based on the date they were offered.

Delicate Decadence