Eastwind Diamond Abrasives

Eastwind Diamond Abrasives has been in business since 1980, when owner and founder Doug Klein was a gem cutter. Doug knew he could make a better abrasive product than the few available at the time. Since then, Doug has grown Eastwind from a small gem cutting studio to an award-winning, international diamond abrasives business.

Eastwind Diamond Abrasives

Eastwind Diamond Abrasives came to us with a problem; their old website was too expensive to update. With that in mind, we re-branded their business, organized their products, and built a website on top of the MODX CMS that allows them to update anything at any time!


Eastwind Diamond Abrasives wanted their new logo to be modern, simple and clean. They brought in samples of their past logos, which caught our eye! We refined their very first logo, and brought it into the new age!




Eastwind's products have a lot of information that they need to display, such as sizes, prices, descriptions and use cases. We designed a tabular system that allows users to easily access the information they're looking for, without digging through all of it at once.

Eastwind Diamond Abrasives
We have won the Best of Business (BoB) award for five years. W00t! 🎉 Read more