Green Mountain Electromagnetics

Green Mountain Electromagnetics, Inc. is an EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and product safety test laboratory. They have been in business for 25 years and offer electronic-product manufacturers compliance testing to CE, FCC and military standards.

Green Mountain Electromagnetics

In 2016, Eternity crafted a brand new color palette, logo, and website for Green Mountain Electromagnetics. We also provide ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and fully manage their Google Ads. Less than a year after launching the website, the return has more than paid for their investment and continues to drive a constant flow of qualified leads. 

In our second collaboration with Green Mountain Electromagnetics in 2023, we refreshed their website design and migrated the existing content. Our emphasis was on enhancing the content’s readability and engagement, making it as user-friendly as possible. We also incorporated improvements to boost their visibility on search engines.


GME's previous logo was as outdates and needed a lot of work. Eternity set out to create a logo that integrated some of the symbols of their testing equipment, while tying it into Vermont at the same time.