Hearts You Hold

Hearts You Hold is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support migrants, immigrants, and refugees.

Hearts You Hold

Eloise approached us to do design work for her newly founded non-profit, Hearts You Hold. She loved the design work so much that she decided to continue the rest of the website with us. We integrated multiple different ways to donate, how to get involved with Hearts You Hold, as well as view and post individual requests.


Hearts You Hold came to Eternity wanting a more modern logo that would be incorporated into their new website that we also built. We worked with them to select a trusting, welcoming clean font and color palette for their target audience.



Hearts You Hold offers a lot of different ways to donate. We built an intuitive tab structure to make it easy for visitors to donate.

Hearts You Hold


The goal behind Hearts You Hold is donating to individual requests. Immigrants get in contact with Hearts You Hold, and post their needs on the requests page.

Hearts You Hold