Outright Vermont

Outright Vermont is dedicated to creating a better future for LGBTQ+ youth in our state. We strive to build relationships and provide resources that foster acceptance and community – giving queer youth a space to be themselves and reach their full potential.

OutrightVT Homepage

Eternity had the pleasure of partnering with Outright Vermont to create a captivating website. We integrated the playfulness of their brand into the site, complete with custom patterns and a sparkle effect. We also designed and implemented 'OutBright the Unicorn', an animation that rotates Outright Vermont's messaging.

Our team also assisted with content creation and editing, ensuring the site was both informative and engaging. We applied special photo treatments using Adobe Photoshop to further enhance the site's visual appeal.

In addition, we integrated Classy for smooth donation processing and built a custom calendar for easy event tracking. To ensure a user-friendly experience, we developed comprehensive navigation, utilizing shelf navigation to increase accessibility for users.



Outbright the Unicorn

Throughout the site we hid interactive easter eggs that trigger Outbright, an unofficial website mascot we also designed, to pop up and spread some good vibes. Be on the lookout!

Outright Vermont

Impact Map

We designed and implemented a stylized map of Vermont highlighting various GSAs around the state, bringing awareness to the expanding impact an organization like Outright has.

Outright Vermont


We created a client-toggleable option to add an animated glitter effect to nearly every element of the site, as needed.

Outright Vermont
We have won the Best of Business (BoB) award for five years. W00t! 🎉 Read more