Qi Veterinary Clinic

Holistic Healthcare for dogs and cats. We combine Eastern and Western medical traditions and use acupuncture, herbal medicines, pharmaceuticals, and nutritional therapies to prevent and treat disease.

Qi Veterinary Clinic Homepage

Qi Veterinary Clinic offers a holistic approach to pet care for cats and dogs. We created a website for them that's modern and easy for pet owners to use and find the right solutions for their pets. Working hand in hand, we developed messaging to emphasize their holistic practices and incorporated a custom client portal for owners to manage their animal's care.


Performing an ADA audit takes time, but allows us to identify problematic parts of the website. We apply solutions to these identified areas throughout the website while referencing the WCAG guidelines and account for Level AA compliance standards.

We're proud to say that Qi Veterinary Clinic now has a Level AA compliance rated website! To learn more about ADA, please visit our accessibility page.