Stowe Theatre

Stowe Theatre Guild strives to produce the highest quality theatre in central Vermont. They are a non-profit, volunteer community theatre organization and a vibrant part of the town of Stowe and many surrounding communities.

Stowe Theatre

Stowe Theatre decided to work with us because we build easy to use websites. Providing 4-5 shows every year, Stowe Theatre features each show with a cast, crew, credits and any information the audience would want to know. Hooking up with Vendini, tickets for each show can be purchased online.

Their website also features an archive of all past shows (all the way back until 1999), their different types of sponsors, and some information on how to get involved.



Show Details

Stowe Theatre does its own casting, credits, directing, etc. We wanted to give them a "play" feel by representing each of the members of the show by their name, and the part they played.

Stowe Theatre