Vermont Electric Coop

Vermont Electric Cooperative is a member owned electric distribution utility that provides safe, affordable, and reliable energy services to over 32,000 members in 75 communities.

Vermont Electric Coop website by Eternity

Vermont Electric Coop previously had a very large website with an incredibly complex back-end structure. This made organization difficult, and in turn, updating the website a challenge. With a conscious effort to improve organization, we set out to design an aesthetically pleasing website from a beautiful brand. The branding colors, and Vermont Electric Coop's logo enabled us to have a lot of fun with the design, and create a more simplistic and easy-to-navigate website that is now much easier to update and maintain in the years to come.



Custom menu

With a complex navigation structure, and lots of links, we designed a custom navigation menu to accommodate everything Vermont Electric Coop had to throw in there. We worked on simple language, and a navigation hierarchy that aims to make it easy for users to use.

Vermont Electric Coop menu