Xavier Society for the Blind

Xavier's mission is to provide the Word of God, and the best of Roman Catholic teaching and literature, spiritual and inspirational material, to blind or visually impaired persons of any faith in whatever format best meets their needs at no charge and to continually explore ways to make that material more accessible and available to the widest possible audience of those in need.

Xavier Society for the Blind

A primary audience of the Xavier Society for the Blind are people with limited sight, which is why ADA and seeing impaired accessibility was very important. We worked closely with them on building a site that not only looked good to sighted people, but also functioned to those needing assistance.


Performing an ADA audit takes time, but allows us to identify problematic parts of the website. We apply solutions to these identified areas throughout the website while referencing the WCAG guidelines and account for Level AA compliance standards.

We're proud to say that Xavier Society for the Blind now has a Level AA compliance rated website! To learn more about ADA, please visit our accessibility page.



High Contrast Mode

One great feature of our built-in ADA compatibility is "High Contrast Mode". It converts the site to a white/yellow on black, which is easier to see for people who have issues with their vision.

Xavier Society for the Blind