Our Team

We are passionate about crafting digital experiences here in Burlington, Vermont. We work hard to exceed your expectations, and build a lasting relationship with you.

Mike Lannen



An Eagle Scout, Mike is on a mission to make the web a better place. He develops a close relationship with all clients and always has his eye on staff culture and satisfaction. When not at work, he can be found spending time with his wife and playing LEGO with his two daughters.

Mollie Lannen


Mollie handles all aspects of accounting, financial planning and HR. When she is not crunching numbers and keeping a keen eye on the future of Eternity, she runs CW Print + Design, which handles our printing needs for clients. She likes to spend time with her husband and two daughters.

Rob Liberty

Senior Designer & Developer


Rob is, above all else, a creator. The mediums have varied throughout the years, from skateboards to t-shirts, wood, music, logos, websites and yes... even code — every aspect of his personal and professional life involves creativity and the desire to leave his unique mark wherever possible.

Kolby Kruger

Senior Designer & Developer


Kolby is constantly creating new ideas and innovations to bring to Eternity. He loves designing unique material, writing logically performant code, and learning new things. When not at the computer, Kolby finds a healthy balance between the indoors and outdoors, by sailing in the summer, skiing in the winter, and hiking in between.

Meghan Richards

Content Creator


Communication comes easily to Meghan. She is a passionate writer both professionally and personally. When she is not writing, Meghan can be found in a hot yoga studio, at a concert, or on top of a mountain.

Carlos Garza

Developer + Google Specialist


An integral crew member of the Eternity team, Carlos provides the expert programming knowledge and guidance needed for all projects. His vast skills and experience ensure that all our websites are cutting edge. When Carlos is not programming, you can find him hiking and running.

Shawna Shortsleeve

Digital Marketing Specialist

Shawna loves soaking up information and finding new ways to help clients get the most out of their websites and their marketing campaigns. When Shawna is not Marketing, you can find her relaxing at home, spending time with her boyfriend and their dogs, or playing video games.

Grace Safford

Social Media Content Creator

Grace’s mind is always in motion. She loves pairing words with images, drafting social posts, and spending hours brainstorming new ideas. When she’s not crafting the perfect tweet, Grace is a dedicated creative writer with multiple published short stories, zines, and a micro-poetry collection. On the weekend, you can often find Grace in the garden, on the mountain, or knitting over a cup of tea.

Isabelle Halpern

SEO Intern

Isabelle enjoys learning and practicing effective SEO to help our client’s websites reach their highest potential. She is a collaborative, creative team member who loves to take on a challenge, and is always eager to learn something new. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the outdoors, photography, traveling, cooking, and music.

Our History

Humble beginnings

Eternity was founded by Mike Lannen in his Champlain College dorm room in 2000. If you'd like to learn more about Mike and his beginnings, check out his personal website.

We started out doing pro-bono work with several non-profits. It was a great partnership, as it allowed us to get our start in the online world, and it spread awareness for some amazing non-profit organizations.

Eternity was built on a foundation of charitable work, and we hold that close to our hearts today as we continue to work closely with non-profit organizations.

Why Us?

Learn more about why Eternity is your perfect website and digital marketing partner.