It Takes a Village: Meet our Community Partners

Working together
Have this post read to you in a natural voice:

You simply can’t do it all—you know what we mean?

In the marketing, web, and content creation fields, agencies diversify themselves by focusing their passions and talents on specific areas of expertise. For example, here at Eternity, we specialize in making websites, Google and Facebook ads, digital marketing campaigns and materials, and social media content for tourism, non-profits, and businesses. We do a lot, but we don’t do it all. We’re not specialists in video, nor are we your go-to for product photoshoots.

That’s where our community partners come in.

As a company that focuses on community building and creating relationships that last, well, for eternity, we proudly connect with other amazing crews to fill in those few gaps. With the help of other, creative brains behind our projects, we can make sure our work for your company is 100% every time.

Want to know more about our “it takes a village” approach? Here’s a few of our community partners we love working with.

Video camera

Mondo Mediaworks: Video

When a client comes to us looking for video services, we flag in Mondo Mediaworks, a Vermont-based video production company with over a decade of experience and an impressive two week average project turnaround time (a time that never sacrifices the quality of the project).

While we do put together video ads and social media videos for our clients, Eternity is not equipped to fly off around the United States for a shoot—but Mondo is.

If you’re looking for a large, professional video-shoot of your office spaces or for a short-form “documentary” on the history of your company, Mondo can get it done. Once Mondo has made something truly great, we can incorporate it into your website with ease.

StoryWorkz: Photography

While we all love taking photos on our Vermont adventures (some of us may be better than others with our phone-photography), the team over at StoryWorkz are the real professionals. A local Vermont company with over 80 years of experience between the team, we trust the one and only Paul E. Richardson with his lens.

If you need product photos, employee headshots, or behind-the-scenes working photos for your website, portfolio, or even your social media, we connect our clients with StoryWorkz. Trust us, there’s a lot a high-quality photo can do for your website, and Paul takes nothing but high-quality.

Computer with code on it

Blue House Group: Custom Web Apps

There’s a difference between building a website and building a web application. A web application is data-driven software that is specifically web-based (rather than being computer-based) and creates a more seamless experience online. Web apps can be used to connect internal systems, third-party services, and more. (They kind of sound like the glue of the internet if you ask us.)

Oftentimes, Eternity will tap Blue House Group for help on a project or two that include complex, custom web applications. Blue House is a Vermont crew that really understands the nuances of building web apps that are reliable and secure. We completely trust their work, and with their help, the projects we make for you run smoothly and function at 100% capacity.

Methodikal: Branding and Design

While we do a lot of logo and branding work here at Eternity, sometimes we’ll call in the Burlington-based Methodikal to help us out with a few of our more intensive graphic design projects.

A crew of truly creative and highly adaptable graphic designers (who are also a bunch of fun to work with), Methodikal often lends a hand on projects that require a whole host of materials such as posters, banners, ad campaigns, and specialized media kits. The artists at Methodikal are extremely talented and highly reliable, which is why we continue to work with them again and again to best help our clients acquire the art they need.

Paint chips

CW Print + Design: Print Marketing

CW Print + Design has to be one of our closest partners—our very own Mollie Lannen is the president, after all. Located in Barre, Vermont, CW Print + Design is your one-stop shop for your print and paper needs. Need business cards? Head to CW Print + Design. Need mailing materials? Head to CW Print + Design. Need branded labels and stickers? You get the idea.

While Eternity can handle all of your digital marketing needs, Mollie and her crew can help you fill all of your print marketing needs.

Union Street Media: Real Estate

Finally, meet our neighbors. Just like how Eternity started out of a Champlain College dorm room, Union Street Media was founded out of a Middlebury College dorm room. Union Street and Eternity both build custom websites, but with one big difference: Eternity specialized in making websites for tourism, non-profits, and businesses, and Union Street Media specializes in making websites for realtors.

Whenever a real estate company reaches out to Eternity, we send them down the road to our Union Street friends. We promise you, they’re the best team for any realtor.

It really does take a village to create something great, and we’re so lucky (and thankful) to be based in a state with so many talented people. Interested in learning more about how we make custom websites and digital marketing materials? You can check out our process in just one click.