Success starts with Eternity

Smooth communication and superb project management is something we excel at. After years of experience, our refined process leads to rewarding results.



Who are you?

We start with a brief 30 minute phone call to get to know you, your project and your goals. From there we'll schedule a formal exploration Zoom meeting.

We'll scope out your project, discuss design direction, and clarify your goals. After that meeting we'll provide a detailed proposal and project timeline.



Planning is crucial

Our kickoff meeting ensures your project gets started on the right track. While this meeting was traditionally done in person for ease of communication, we now typically have this meeting over Slack for the convenience of everyone. However we are also comfortable with a hybrid or in-person approach.

We will explore top-level objectives, review our process, discuss milestones and hit the ground running.



Using the correct words

SEO (search engine optimization) is an ongoing process that happens throughout your project. We work with you to identify well-performing keywords and important metrics that you would like your business to rank for. Throughout your process, we will utilize these keywords & metrics to build a website that ranks well on search engines and will continue to grow as your business evolves.

Holly, our SEO Strategist, works closely with the rest of the Eternity team to create and implement an exceptional SEO strategy.



Putting pen to paper

Your website's content is a vital part of the process. We collect text, photos, videos, graphics, and all other resources that you want to present to your online audience.

If you don't have existing content, our Content & Specialists, Holly and Katie can help you create it! If you do have content, organization is key. Holly and Katie can help you organize your content to establish an efficient flow for your audience.



We get creative

Our Designers & Developers Rob and Kalei will take your assets, branding and concepts into account when creating a unique design.

You will be presented with a design board, which represents the look & feel of your future website.

From there, we take your feedback into consideration and make adjustments until you're happy with the results! The design phase is organic and innovative; let us astound you.



A website that performs is almost as important as the look and feel. RobKalei and Carlos will build your website and all of its functionality in the MODX CMS.


During our Alpha phase of the programming process, you will receive a private link that allows you to watch as your website comes to fruition.


The core functionality is complete! Working together, we start to put in the final content and assets. Your website transforms from an empty shell to a content rich website.



You've made it!

Now that you've given approval, we will begin the pre-launch checklist to get your website ready for launch.

Just like it sounds, your website is live! 🎉


Social Media

Optional - an additional opportunity to work with us*

Taking it to the next level

Social media allows you the opportunity to reach your audience online. Maria, our Social Media Content Creator can assist you with a social media strategy that will match your brand's personality.

Maria works with you continuously to create and post on-brand content that will engage your audience and generate new business.


Google Ads

Optional - an additional opportunity to work with us*

The relationship continues

When you invest in Google Advertising, you are finding new avenues to reach current and prospective customers. Whether you are promoting a product or service, building brand awareness, or increasing lead generation, Google Advertising is a great opportunity to put your brand front and center.

Jena and Sophie, our Digital Marketing Specialists works with you to create a Google Ads Campaign that is on-brand and effective for your business, to help achieve your goals.