Unlock the Power of Google Ads Copy: 4 Proven Tips for Optimal Results

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True or false: if you live in the United States, you’ll see between 4,000 and 10,000 ads on any given day.


What does this mean if you’re the one writing the ads, specifically a Google Ad? That it’s imperative to use copy that will help your ad stand out in a (very big) crowd.

Well-crafted copy will captivate your audience, improve your click-through rate and drive conversions.

There’s a lot riding on your copy, but don’t worry. There are proven techniques you can use to ensure your Google Ads pack a powerful punch, and we’ll cover those in this blog post.

Grab Attention With Compelling Headlines

The headlines of your ads are what your audience will see first, and the success of your campaign depends heavily on capturing their attention.

Use action verbs.

Action verbs put the focus of the ad on your audience, which helps them visualize how your product or service enhances their lives.

Action verbs like “Discover,” “Transform” and “Unlock” can trigger emotions and drive your audience to click on your ad. This list of action verbs is an excellent source of inspiration.

These ads that our team crafted for Lake Champlain Closets demonstrate the power of action verbs:

2 examples of Google Ads for Lake Champlain Closets that use Action Verbs in the headlines

What’s another great way to capture your audience’s attention?

By using a question to pique curiosity like we did just now. Questions also work well because they start a conversation, organically prompting audience engagement as they consider their answer.

Incorporate Relevant Keywords

Keywords are the cornerstone of Google Ads and incorporating them into your headlines is a no-brainer.

Doing so will give your ad greater relevance and higher visibility, since Google aims to show its users the most useful results for their query.

And when a user sees their search term appear in your ad, it triggers recognition and connection almost immediately. It’s similar to the experience of being in a conversation where you both say something at the same time.

Make sure to use the keywords in a manner that doesn’t compromise your ad’s readability – you don’t want it to sound like you’re going out of your way to use keywords.

Wild Trails Farm’s ads use keywords in a natural way:

2 examples of Wild Trails Farms Google Ads that incorporate keywords in the headlines

Highlight Your Unique Selling Points

What makes you special? Talk about it in your Google Ads.

Emphasize the key features that set you apart from your competitors. This could be anything from your “Locally-Sourced Ingredients” or the fact that you’re staffed with “Industry Experts.”

Use social proof – incorporate customer testimonials, ratings and reviews into your ads. Alternatively, read the not-so-favorable reviews of your competitors and let folks know you’re different. For instance, if your competitors’ reviewers complain about their customer service (or lack thereof), make a headline touting your “Exceptional Guest Service.”

Discovery Bicycle Tours ads are excellent examples of what it looks like to highlight the uniqueness of your product:

2 examples of Google Ads by Discovery Bicycle Tours that highlight their unique selling points in the headlines

Use a Compelling Call-to-Action

Tell your customers what to do.

Use verbs that engage, such as “Activate” or “Explore,” or verbs that excite, like “Unleash” and “Elevate.”

Create a sense of urgency with phrases like “Act Now” and “Limited Availability.”

Stir your audience’s emotions by appealing to their hopes and aspirations. “Unlock Your Potential” and “Transform Your Life” help create a vision of positive outcomes.

Most importantly, make your CTA (Call-to-Action) easy to understand.

Incorporating these strategies will help drive your audience to take action, increasing your campaign’s conversions.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out this collection of 50 real-world examples of CTAs in action.

See For Yourself

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