Welcoming Katie Lazarus to Eternity

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Join us in welcoming Katie Lazarus to Eternity! She is our newest SEO and Content Specialist. Katie is a Vermonter who graduated from Bennington College with a masters in writing. Before that, she earned an English degree from the University of Vermont, where she wrote for the Vermont Cynic newspaper. Since then, she has pursued journalism and copywriting with some preschool teaching mixed in, and is now excited to have found a home to practice SEO and reach people with her words.

Katie’s Previous Work

Katie has written in every medium, including copywriting, journalism, grant writing, poetry, prose, editing, and of course the good ol’ expository essay. If there’s writing to be done, Katie has been found doing it, and is now funneling her experience into copywriting (pun intended). Her natural attraction to content creation began during her senior year at the University of Vermont when she assisted a local acupuncturist in expanding her community and online presence as well as getting organized in general. After entering the workforce, she was an assistant editor at the Brandon Reporter, a branch of the Addison Independent that she also wrote and edited for at the same time. Working as a professional journalist gave her the opportunity to research, write all day, edit, and take ownership of the newspaper’s digital presence. While there, she also revamped the local calendar of events to enhance the purpose of the paper, which was to bring the community together.

Fast forward to January of this year when she became a volunteer for the Burlington Writers Workshop. She joined to delve into her interest in managing online content, social media, and creative problem solving at a business level. She learned about the different aspects of the workshop, finding out about the personas they are serving, using written and oral communication skills, and writing with the intent to connect. Now, she is enthusiastic about a full-time career in content creation using SEO.

While she comes to Eternity from working as a preschool teacher most recently—an inspiring and fun job that allowed her to grow her interpersonal skills, patience, organization, flexibility, and social sensitivity—she is excited for a career that aligns with her personal interests and areas of study. She is excited to express her love of driving results with SEO, writing across a variety of platforms, and staying organized.

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Katie’s New Role 

Katie is eagerly ready for the opportunity to jump in at Eternity and be a part of the ‘big city’ in her home state. She is enthusiastic to join an exceptional team and start working with the great clients at Eternity. Katie joins the team as our newest Content & SEO Specialist where she will be working alongside Kalei to create beautiful and stunning SEO-friendly websites.

Katie's Interests

Katie is motivated by connecting with others through writing, using perfect grammar and spelling, and growing with a community. She believes that intentional content creation is a powerful tool for companies to reach their clients and build successful relationships that benefit everyone involved. Katie is a seamless communicator and problem solver who loves keeping an open mind to discover new routes to success. She is driven by learning best SEO and writing practices, expanding her knowledge of digital marketing and company outreach, and working with a team to reach meaningful goals.

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More About Katie

When she steps away from her desk, Katie can be found on an adventure. Sometimes that means she is outside on the slopes, hiking to get the best view from Mt. Mansfield, or running the occasional 10k; other times her adventures take place in the pages of a book, with a pen and notepad, or through yoga. Whatever kind of journey, she loves making memories with her friends and family. 

We are so thrilled to have Katie on the team and we can't wait to see all the amazing things she's going to do. Want to learn more about Katie? Read her Eternity crew bio here.