Vermont Web Design Firm Works Toward Gender Equality in Tech Careers

Eternity crew in meeting
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Eternity is a web design firm located in Burlington, Vermont. Named Best Web Developer in Vermont by the Best of Business Awards consecutively since 2018, the firm couldn't be more proud to have a 70% female team in such a male-dominated industry.

With services going above and beyond industry standards, Eternity offers clients top-tier solutions for all things web. Eternity is 50% woman co-owned by Mollie Lannen who is dedicated to increasing female presence in tech careers. Her goal is to create a space where women in tech can come get their start and be given an opportunity to grow.

Both Mollie and her business (and life) partner Mike are committed both personally and professionally, to building communities that empower women in their roles at Eternity.

A Bit About Eternity

Eternity is an award-winning web design studio based in the heart of Burlington, Vermont. The firm offers services like website design, logo design, SEO, Google Ads management, social media management, branding packages, and beyond.

"I started Eternity in 2000 with a mission to provide top quality web design and marketing services to local businesses and nonprofits who needed them most." - Mike Lannen

Eternity has been in operation since 2000. Mike Lannen launched the business from his dorm room at Champlain College, where he was able to build freelance website designs for local non-profit agencies and businesses as a full-time student. When his passion took over, he eventually left Champlain College to pursue his web career full-time, enter Eternity. In 2008, Mollie joined Mike as co-owner which brings us to Eternity in its current form, with a crew of 12.

Eternity's crew works with clients from throughout New England and has recently expanded its reach across the country by accepting clients throughout the US 100% remotely.

Mollie Lannen's Story

Mollie Lannen is an entrepreneur, graphic designer, programmer, volunteer, and community activist. Born and raised in Barre, VT, Mollie brings passion and ambition to succeed in all that she does. Mollie is co-owner of Eternity, and she couldn't be happier to lead such an incredible award-winning crew alongside her husband Mike. In addition to being the super-mom of their two daughters Ella and Claire, Mollie enjoys gardening, being outside, and having delicious coffee in her everyday life. Her professional career is impressive, to say the least. Mollie has been an active member of Queen City BNI in Burlington, VT since 2016, where she is currently serving her second term as Vice President. In addition to being the co-owner of Eternity, Mollie is also President of CW Creative - a women-owned digital print shop providing professional printing services for individuals and small businesses.

Mollie is beyond proud to be the co-owner and CFO of Eternity alongside Mike. Embodying and embracing female leadership and representation in every role she fulfills brings joy and passion to all that she does. Her professional career serves as an inspiration for all women who know and work with her. Mollie is grateful to lead Eternity, whose crew is 50% women, and is excited to continue to lead the firm onward and upward in the years to come.

The Importance of Creating a Space for Women in Tech

In the world of technology, there's a lot of work that needs to be done in regards to representation. A study done in 2020 by the institute found that women make up only 28.8% of tech jobs and careers. There is no denying that women are vastly underrepresented in the tech industry and that it is the job of web design and technology teams to ensure women’s skills are lifted up and voices heard. There is a need for change, and the only way to bring genuine change is by actively learning how to be better and following through with what needs to be done.

Eternity takes pride in being a part of this active change. Having a staff that is strongly represented by women is a leap in the right direction, and continuing to grow, evolve and lift each other up as a team is what they pride themselves on. With co-owner Mollie Lannen being as driven, skilled, and dedicated as any man in the industry - she's living proof that chasing your dreams is always worth it despite what societal norms may currently be. She is the true embodiment of leading by doing.

Actively Evolving

Eternity's representation for women in tech does not stop with its leadership. The firm is actively evolving to represent women in the industry by hiring women for other typically male-dominated roles. As of 2021, the team reached a milestone of being exactly 50/50 with the team's gender representation. They have a strong commitment to working on projects with clients that share equal values in this much-needed area of representation as well.

"We want to see more women represented in these roles as we continue to grow. There are a lot of problems with representation in this industry that need to be addressed and fixed, and it's going to take active listening and conscious action to make real change happen." -Mollie Lannen

Work With Us

If you're interested in working with a woman-empowering business on your next web project, Eternity is the studio for you. We are dedicated to forward-thinking and are working hard to change the game of the industry. If you've got questions, are ready to start your next project, or simply want to say hello, get in touch today! Onward and upward.